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about empowering businesses to inspect the technical condition of wheeled vehicles during public inspection


1. Terms

1.1. Temporary provisions authorizing entities to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles (hereinafter - the vehicle) during a state inspection (hereinafter - Regulations) establish procedures for receiving and processing applications to office for a specified activity, as well as surveys and decision-making with the issuance of the extract from the register of authorization (hereinafter - the authorization).

1.2. The procedure relies on the authorization of the State Department of Interior (hereinafter - DDAI or Department) and the territorial commission formed by the territorial divisions of the State (hereinafter - the territorial commission) with the responsible (authorized) representatives of the Ministry of Transport and the Main Derzhspozhyvstandart.

The composition of the territorial commissions include a deputy head the State as its chairman, and one of the deputy heads of territorial bodies of the Ministry of Transport and the Main Derzhspozhivstandard and authorized for that representatives of these bodies (hereinafter - the officials).

1.3. In DDAI chaired by the Deputy Head of the Department, a working group of the number of employees, which functions rely on the authorization of the issuance of the extract from the register, provided revenues DDAI positive conclusion territorial commission.

1.4. For complaints and other disputes concerning the authorization appeal committee formed from the representatives of Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transport and Derzhspozhivstandard the submission of their leaders. Chairman of the Appeals Commission elected at the first meeting of the commission by a majority of its members.

1.5.Posadovi persons performing duties of authorization, personally responsible for the timely consideration of the documents submitted, the accuracy of the registry, quality surveys businesses and objectivity of their decisions.



2.Rozhlyad applications to empower businesses to inspect the technical condition

2.1. Receiving the entity declarations for authorization

technical inspection of vehicle during a state inspection (hereinafter statement) (Annex 1), printed using computers, carried out by the territorial division of the State the place of registration of the entity or the location of its production facilities in accordance with the approved scheduled twice a week throughout the working day.

2.2. According to paragraph 3 of the Order entities authority to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles during the state inspection approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 9, 2008 № 607, the statement added:

1) copy of the constituent documents of record on the implementation of this activity directly:

for legal entities - the charter of the company;

for individual entrepreneurs - the certificate of registration;

2) copy of a certification laboratory measurements according to the Rules of authorization and certification in the state metrological system with the addition thereto industry certification or accreditation certificate for compliance with EN ISO / IEC 17025-2001, issued by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine, with an application to it under of accreditation;

3) copies of diplomas of graduation, confirming profile technical skills, not below Junior Specialist;

4) copies of certificates of ownership or lease of business premises, land;

5) information on the availability of the property of the entity or any other reason to use diagnostic equipment, signed by the head and seal.

2.3. Documents on certain days of receiving submitted an official commission territorial entity or person authorized by him in the prescribed manner by a person.

Copy copies of constituent documents and certificates attestation should be mandatory notarized.

2.4. If one entity has a separate manufacturing facilities that are located at different addresses, documents submitted for each location separately.

Involvement of the entity to verify the technical capacity of the vehicle other entities are not allowed.

2.5. Absence or discrepancy with the established requirements of at least one of the documents provided for in point 2.2 of this Regulation, shall be grounds for denial of admission for further consideration of applications for authorization.

In case of acceptance, the official territorial commissions in the book of receipt of applications for authorization (Annex 2) makes the record "statement made" and puts a personal signature. In paragraph 8 of the statement is similar record and a copy is returned to the entity.

In case of refusal to accept statements in the record book entry is "statement is not accepted." A copy of the statement indicating in paragraph 8 comments and documents submitted shall be returned to the entity for revision.

Revised documents are submitted to the territorial commission pursuant to subparagraph 2.1 herein.

2.6. Approved entities to documents subject to registration on the day they arrive to further report the head of a territorial unit of the State and the appointment procedures for the authorization.

2.7. After consideration of the territorial division of the State director received documents submitted to the meeting of the territorial commission, which meets twice a week.

After analyzing the documents territorial Commission adopted a protocol decision on the date of the inspection entity and the responsible officials.

Stamped in (B) GA excerpt from the minutes of the territorial commission is the basis for examination of the entity.

The date and time of inspection commission secretary territorial over the phone (by telephone) informs sub'yektahospodaryuvannya.

In this paper, the territorial commission must attend at least one representative from each agency.

To work within the territorial commissions can engage experts on specific issues authorizations that are relevant profession.



3. Conducting surveys entity

3.1. During the test, the members of the territorial commission check:

1) accuracy of information contained in the documents provided for in point 2.2 of this Regulation, including the presence of:

diagnostic equipment to perform the full cycle of works on the alleged authorization of the field related to the technical inspection of the vehicle to comply with regulations of the relevant metrological characteristics according to the list (Annex 3);

existing Taur and certificates of calibration of measuring instruments and certificates proatestatsiyu test equipment;

measuring techniques which allow to get results with guaranteed accuracy;

under conditions of measuring instruments and test equipment requirements of operational documents;

normative-technical and methodical documents relating to inspection of technical condition, information boards indicating the size of payment for services rendered;

2) education of staff, staff knowledge of vehicle design features, practical skills application of measuring instruments according to ISO 3649-97, ISO 4277:2004, ISO 4276:2004, GOST 27436 and GOST 5727-88 for checking the technical condition of vehicle on their compliance requirements of the Road Traffic Regulations on standards relating to road safety and environmental protection, as well as the rules of technical operation instructions of manufacturers and other technical standards.

Characteristics of staff skills in computer technology while documenting the results of checking the technical condition of vehicle;

3) improvement:

rooms Reception and presentation of results checking the technical condition;

computer equipment for the electronic journal of accounting reports issued checks and communication channels for the transmission of relevant information to the databases of the State;

access roads to industrial premises paved the minimum width of a lane not less than 3 meters for cars and 6 meters for trucks and buses, playground for waiting or parking motor vehicles, horizontal marking lines 1.18 2587-94 BS driving directions, information performance circuits movement of vehicle traffic control territory, road signs, according to the traffic rules and fences around the perimeter area index maximum allowable vertical dimension vehicle on inbound gate production facilities, artificial lighting.

3.2. During the test, members of local committees in the presence of defects, within certain limits, may be individual acts, reports, records and other documents for their fixation.

3.3. In the event of the inspection deficiencies that can be eliminated, the entity is given the right, followed by a re-examination, which resulted in the final decision.

3.4. According to a survey being reported (Appendix 4), which is reviewed and approved at the next meeting of the territorial commission.

Conclusion sign committee members who personally participated in the survey, and approves its head.

3.5. Based on the collected materials and positive conclusion of the State Representative submits to register the following information:

-Sequence (registration) number of the entity in U (V) GA;

-Full name of the entity;

-Code, a legal entity address, phone number;

-Name, initials head entity;

Address of the location of production facilities, where the technical condition of the test or deployment locations technical audits of the use of mobile testing laboratory;

, Serial number, date of issue, name of the authority that issued it, the validity of the certificate of certification laboratory measurement or accreditation certificate;

Industry-authorization (category vehicle);

-Type mobile testing laboratory (based on the vehicle or trailer, container, block) model;

-Date of the information and the name of the artist.

3.6. If the opinion is negative, secretary of the territorial commission in writing

informs the entity to refuse authorization. This information in the registry nevnosyatsya.

3.7. While the decision in the territorial commission has the right to participate entity or authorized person in the prescribed manner.

3.8. Documents the results of the examination (in the prescribed manner a copy of constituent documents drawn up separate acts, reports, etc.) and approved by the head of the territorial commission concluded with the decision taken on authorization within three business days after the office of the territorial division of the State Courier communication sent DDAI for entering the relevant information into the registry and involvement in supervisory material things.

3.9. If you have the time of examination of changes in the information contained in the submitted documents to the territorial commission, specifying the documents involved in materials testing and supervisory case.

3.10. Upon receipt of the documents to DDAI Officer checks the submitted materials legislation, compares them with the registry and on the basis of a positive conclusion of the territorial commission makes the registry entry "empowered to check, № registration ________."

Within three working days stamped DDAI extract from the Register (Annex 5) sent to the address of the entity.

3.11. Steering the right entity after the termination of its activities is stored in DDAI over the next three years, then destroyed in due course. This information about the entity remain in the registry.



4. Review disputes

4.1. Accepted DDAI decision to refuse to grant authority to an entity to inspect the technical condition vehicle during inspection after receiving official notice may be appealed to the Appeals Commission.

4.2. In case of disagreement with the decision taken by the juries merits entity has the right to challenge it in the manner prescribed by law.



Annex 1, paragraph 2.1. Regulations on empowering businesses to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles during public tehnichnohoohlyadu

Ruler (B) GA MIA, MIA


(Full name)


of authorization to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles during the state inspection

1._________________________________________________________________ (full name of the entity) 2._________________________________________________________________ (address, code, telephone)

3._________________________________________________________________ (name manager entity) 4._________________________________________________________________ (address location of production facilities (premises) where

involves checking the technical condition) 5._________________________________________________________________ (name of a mobile testing laboratory entity) 6._________________________________________________________________ (addresses of the inspection of technical condition usin