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Technical inspection has not been canceled
(Published on 10.04.2011)

Due to the ambiguity of the current government statements on the procedure of state technical inspection, and for a possible dual understanding of their words to the end, we decided to deal with the situation.
Our lawyer carefully examined all the relevant draft laws on amendments to the rules of the inspection, Gritsenko, Mogilev, Yatsishin ... The basic principle of all projects is the assertion that, to pick up the GAI unusual for it functions as well as to direct human and physical capacity to perform basic tasks, "road safety" and filling the state budget of Ukraine due to revenues from fines.

Projects, in general, are similar and differ only in the details, so the resulting therefrom general conclusions:

1. Technical inspection has not been canceled in the future will not cancel. Is concerned only with the transfer of the functions of IRED entities that have the right to conduct inspection.

2. The Interior Ministry of Ukraine (GAI, IRED, etc.) forcibly banned the inspection of cars. And in the future issuance of driver's licenses give driving schools.
According Mogilev it will abstract the traffic police from certain corrupt practices.

3. Right to issue passes technical inspection of cars will pass by certified or accredited business entities.

4. Entire process of passing it will be filmed and recorded on the hard drive, so the loser will be the station that "rent" diagnostic equipment, and indeed inspection is not carried out.

5. Medical report will not need more passing Technical inspection.

6. A power of attorney to drive the car you can write by hand without the presence of a notary.

     7. For cars up to 3 years before they will be serviced under warranty in the service center, technical approval is not needed.
     At the age of 3 to 15 years, there will be one every 2 years.
     Over 15 years - one every year.
     Company cars, buses and taxis - 2 times a year.

8. Will formal stations, where there are multiple devices and perform THAT. All of them will be re-certified.

     In support of this view a report of the First National TV Channel.

     Also Watch the performance of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Mogilev AV on the TV channel Inter.

     From all this it follows that these bills will be equally useful for both owners of the vehicle, and to the stations conducting Technical inspection, among which will be fair competition.

And due to the disappearance of fake plants, which can not simply be re-certification and transfer of issuing coupons certified stations, the incomes of their owners will be increased several times.