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on July 9, 2008 № 607

1683 On Approval of the Procedure
providing entities powers
to inspect the technical condition
Wheeled Vehicles
during a state inspection

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine resolves:

Approve the order granting entities authority to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles during the state inspection, which is attached.

Prime Minister of Ukraine


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

on July 9, 2008 № 607

providing entities powers
to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles
during a state inspection


1. This procedure defines the procedure for granting entities authority to inspect the technical condition of motor vehicles during the state inspection (hereinafter - checking the technical condition) and the requirements for these entities.

2. In this Order, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

automated register of authorized entities (hereinafter - Register) - list information about the entities authorized to inspect the technical condition;

industrial premises - premises that meet the technology standards or mobile testing laboratory, which created conditions for checking the technical condition;

diagnostic equipment - a set of measuring instruments;

checking the technical condition - process, which involves the use of diagnostic equipment to determine adequacy wheeled vehicle, including its technical and environmental performance requirements of legislation on road safety and environmental protection at the date of its first registration. Checking the technical condition in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Transport.

Consideration of applications entities of authority to inspect the technical condition

3. Entity for authorization to inspect the technical condition delivers the State Department MIA following documents:

1) an application for authority;

2) certified copies of constituent documents, certificates attestation as laboratory measurements, and from January 1, 2012 - the accreditation certificate of the area;

3) copies of documents confirming:

qualified employees;

ownership of production facilities, land and diagnostic equipment used for checking the technical condition or lease.

On the change of information contained in these documents, the entity shall notify the Department within five days of the State police.

4. Department of the State Ministry studies submitted by the entity documents and submit relevant information to the registry.

Formation register and use the information made to it is the established order of MIA.

5. Documents issued in a separate case that is stored in the Department of Interior and the State has a tracking number.

In the event of termination of the entity conducting the activity related to examinations of technical condition, it is stored for three years in the State Department of Internal Affairs, then destroyed in due course.

6. Certified official of the State Department of Interior copies sent to the State territorial division at the place of business entity to establish the accuracy of this information and they survey of inspection of technical condition. Survey carried out the State employees with authorized representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Derzhspozhivstandard and its results are a common finding that for three days, the State Department sent to the Interior Ministry.

Materials on the survey attached to the case, executed in accordance with paragraph 5 of this Order.

7. Department of the State Ministry on the basis of a positive conclusion gives an entity the authority to inspect the technical condition. In this case the registry is introduced corresponding mark as an entity seems excerpt from it.

8. Authority to inspect the technical condition provided for a term of accreditation (certification) entity.

In case of renewal of accreditation validity period shall be extended for the period.

9. Consideration filed by an entity document as a whole may not exceed two months.

About deny authorization to inspect the technical condition of the entity in writing.

10. The powers of the entity to inspect the technical condition terminated after the expiry of its accreditation, specified in the registry. In this case, the entity is removed from the register extract, and released him after the termination of the protocol checking the technical condition are void.

Requirements for the entity

11. Entity creates conditions for checking the technical condition and design of its results, ensures hardware internet connection for the electronic journal of accounting protocol verification and transfer of relevant information to the State database.

12. Accreditation level and technological capabilities of the entity should be sufficient to cover the full cycle of works related to the verification of technical condition, the processing and issuance of reports on its findings.

13. Territory technical inspection, owned entity, must comply with the requirements for the safe movement of motor vehicles, which provide for:

artificial lighting at nighttime (illuminated area, entry and exit from it);

solid asphalt or cement concrete pavement, driveways, playground for waiting or parking motor vehicles;

appropriate road markings driving directions wheeled vehicles;

fence around the perimeter of the territory;

Information booth showing traffic patterns during entry into this territory, as well as road signs according to the traffic rules.

Adjust the movement of wheeled vehicles in the technical inspection is organized with the use of light (eg, traffic lights) signaling, driven from their posts of industrial premises.

14. Access roads to the point of production facilities and technical control traffic diagram must meet the requirements for:

unilateral movement of vehicles;

creating conditions for maneuver road trains on the roadway access road.

Before the entrance to the business premises technical inspection settling area, whose width is less than the width of the working area of ​​the entrance gates.

15. When calculating the size of area for waiting or parking motor vehicles shall take into account their overall size and capacity of the technical inspection. The minimum width of lanes should be at least 3 meters for cars and 6 meters - for trucks and buses.

Above Entrance gate production facilities located Indices maximum allowable vertical dimension of wheeled vehicles.

16. Industrial space in which we investigate technical condition, equipped with a separate post and / or lines of diagnostic equipment.

17. Technology positions to determine the level of toxicity and opacity of exhaust gases of engines wheeled vehicles equipped with the system of allocation of exhaust pipes.