The main office of the company «Zapadpribor» is available at:

Street, Lviv. Gorodotskaya, 222


multichannel telephone 032-235-09-99.


According to this number you can get the invoice and order delivery to your city.


For the convenience of our customers items purchased in PE «Zapadpribor», available from most cities in Ukraine by courier.

Click on the area will expand the list of cities and direct address where you can receive the purchased goods.


      Autonomous Republic of Crimea


      Vinnytsia region
     Volyn region


     Donetsk Region
     Zhitomyrskaya area
     Zaporozhye region
     Ivano-Frankivsk region
     Kyiv region
     Kirovograd region
     Lugansk region
     Lviv region
     Mykolaiv region
     Odessa region
     Poltava region
     Rivne region
     Sumy region
     Ternopil region
     Kharkiv region
     Kherson region
     Khmelnytsky region
     Cherkasy region
     Chernihiv region
     Chernivtsi region
In addition stipulates direct delivery of goods directly to your office or home, as well as the goods can be delivered to your nearest post office.

As payment for the goods can be made ​​directly upon receipt. That is, you have the opportunity to test the equipment and complete, and only then carry out the calculation. For certain types of products the possibility to pay on the spot, please check with the sales department.

Delivery cost:
- free to the terminal of the transport company.


Delivery time:
On the territory of Ukraine for delivery in 1-2 working days.
That is, if the product has been sent to the evening with the main warehouse in Lviv, in most cases, the next morning he would be available in the delivery of the goods item in your city. In most of the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine Delivery takes 2 working days.
Delivery to regional centers or direct delivery may take 2-3 working days.
For more information please contact the processing center enterprise «Zapadpribor» by multichannel phone 032-235-09-99.