Radioactive infection in Kramatorsk


A small cautionary tale about a radioactive apartment and about safety when working with radioactive elements.


In 1981, tenants died one after another in one of the apartments of a newly built apartment block house, all from leukemia. After that, the same happens in the new family of this apartment, the child of the landlord dies of leukemia. The situation with the disease in the second family was written off by doctors as bad heredity and didn’t even have an analogy with the diagnoses of the former apartment owners.


Радиоактивное заражение в Краматорске

These events are even associated with mystical causes. But, in fact, the cause was just the same negligence of people, it can be said negligence, which borders on the crime.


The boy's father wanted to find out the reason and achieved a detailed investigation, which revealed a high radiation background not only in this apartment, but also in three adjacent ones. The radiation exceeded the maximum permissible level hundreds of times, the dosimeter's needle showed a mark of 200 roentgens an hour.


Experts have found a capsule with a radioactive substance embedded in the wall 137Cs (cesium-137). The ampoule had dimensions of only 4×8 mm, but the radiation from it was so strong that a spot burned by radiation was formed on the wall.


Residents evacuated, it was determined the exact location of the radiation source. Part of the carved wall was taken to the Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research, where the ampoule was removed. According to the factory number was installed the owner of the ampoule.


The investigation showed that in the Karansky granite quarry, which supplied construction materials for new buildings, in the late 1970s the same radioactive ampoule used in the level gauge was lost. Probably, she accidentally hit the stones, of which they built a house. The workers of the quarry needed to search everything and find dangerous parts, but, apparently, no one did.


In any branch of human activity and even at home, there are certain health threats. To eliminate hazards and to preserve health, appropriate safety regulations have been developed, as well as instruments that can prevent and prevent danger. In this case, we are talking about dosimeters, for example, dosimeter PRYPYAT, dosimeter BELLA, MASTER-1, DP-5V.


And if even the simplest version of the dosimeter was in this house, it would save the lives of people.



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