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New vehicle inspection rules since 2022


The Ukrainian government wants to return the mandatory inspection, which was previously canceled due to the corruption component. The project aims to introduce European principles and improve road safety.


Vehicle inspection should be carried out by accredited service stations by specially trained experts. The draft law assumes that the service station will be responsible for the condition of the car, which it examined in case of an accident or similar events.


For accreditation, the service station must have at least one expert in the quality control department and computer equipment for the daily transfer of the results of technical inspections to the state register of vehicles, as well as other documentation on the results of inspection. Another, equally important condition for obtaining an accreditation certificate is the availability of a list of necessary equipment.


Below are a few items of mandatory vehicle control equipment:

stand for monitoring the characteristics of brake systems (for example, STM brake stands);

- a smoke meter (for example, META smoke meters);

- multichannel gas analyzer or gas analyzers of normalized emissions in spark ignition en­gi­nes (for example AUTOTEST, INFRACAR gas analyzers);

- a device for measuring the transmittance of glass (for example, TONIK light trans­mit­tan­ce me­ter);

- a device for checking the steering system (for example, ISL-M backlash meter).


Mandatory technical control of the vehicle provides for inspection of other elements that are directly related to road safety and environmental protection. If, after the inspection, deficiencies are identified, after their elimination, a repeated inspection of the vehicle is scheduled.



Periodic passage of mandatory technical control:

- for cars used for the carriage of passengers or goods for profit, trucks (regardless of ownership) with a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons, trailers for them with a service life of more than two years - every two years;

- for trucks with a carrying capacity of more than 3.5 tons, trailers for them and taxis, regardless of age - annually;

- for buses and specialized vehicles carrying dangerous goods, regardless of the period of operation - twice a year.


A full description of the bill can be found on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure.


The certificate of technical inspection is a mandatory document that confirms the passage of the check of the technical condition of the vehicle. Since May 1, 2019 the format of this document has been updated in Ukraine.


The blank of the protocol (in paper form) is issued to the driver, complete with a radio frequency identification tag, which must be fixed in the right upper part of the windscreen from inside the car. Monitoring of compliance with new requirements is carried out by the National Police by reading information from a tag using special technical equipment.


For the lack of a certificate of technical inspection, a penalty in the amount of 340 to 1700 UAH or deprivation of a driver's license for six months.


Vehicle inspection (regardless of the date of the last inspection) should also be carried out:
- when leaving a vehicle outside Ukraine;
- when registering or re-registering a vehicle;
- when re-equipment of the vehicle;
- when changing the owner of the vehicle;
- when imported into Ukraine a used vehicle.