Promotion for brake stands STM
Promotion for inspection equipment


Enterprise "Zahidprylad" invites you to visit our booth during the 19th Kyiv International Motor SIA'2011.
We will be on display the complete list of equipment necessary for carrying out the technical inspection of vehicles and agricultural machinery. Also for your consideration will be represented passenger brake stands and versatile series of STM.

Venue: International Exhibition Centre;
Address: Kyiv, Brovarsky Prospect, 15;
Location Booth: Pavilion № 3. Stand G-04.
Exhibition area: 21m 2;
Date: 25-29 May 2011;
Visiting hours: from 10.00 to 18.00.

Dealership located in three pavilions.
In the first pavilion will feature updates Automotive international and Ukrainian producers.
In the latter - buses, trucks and construction equipment.
In the third - auto parts, paint, chemicals, lubricants, tires, garage equipment, electronics and signaling.

In order to get free incoming invitation Motor Show, May 20, please contact a representative of our company by phone 091-303-00-10 or 032-243-09-31.
When you arrive at the exhibition our employees free handed it to you.

Invitation to automobile exhibition SYA2011





In May 2010, the company "Zahidprylad" participated in the showroom SIA'2010. We have demonstrated all diagnostic equipment used to conduct ATT. Also exhibited work transportable low-Brake Stand STM 3500MN.
In May 2010, the company

This year the main showpiece of our company will be a versatile two-speed brake stand STM 15000U.01. It allows full diagnose brake cars, trucks and special equipment with a maximum axle load of 18 tonnes. The total mass of 1300 kg stand.

The main feature of the brake stand is to use monolithic type movies. Spikes roller formed by radial-axial milling steel cylindrical workpiece. The surface of the roller is in the process of cementation (saturated carbon) that largely protects the spot from abrasion. This unique manufacturing technology provides structural strength and durability of the working surface of the roller. Therefore, the factory warranty on this type of movie is 12 years old.
This year the main showpiece of our company will be a versatile two-speed brake stand STM 15000U.01

Visit our booth, you with your own eyes to ensure excellent quality and high reliability of the assembly roller brake stand STM 15000U.01. Also, your account will be presented low-profile removable brake stand STM 3500MN.

In brake stands will also be exhibiting everything else measuring and diagnostic equipment necessary for carrying out the inspection of cars:
- Gas analyzers, smoke analyzers;
- Photometers rehloskopy, taumetry;
- Noise;
- Stopwatches, tachometers;
- Lyuftomiry, dynamometers, wrenches keys;
- Rulers, tape measures, calipers, depth, Goniometer, styli, pressure gauges;
- Anemometers, thermometers, hygrometers, psychrometers, barometers and other instruments.

The exhibition will feature a new line of business: breathalyzer, breathalyzers and alcohol analyzers. These devices are used to measure the level of alcohol.
The exhibition will feature a new line of business: breathalyzer, breathalyzers and alcohol analyzers

Every visitor to our booth will get the fourth issue of paper full color catalog "Equipment for inspection of cars 2011 (4)." In the catalog you will find detailed harektarystyky all diagnostic equipment that is required for your laboratory. You can read the latest news in the field of technical inspection of vehicles.

Location booth enterprise "Zahidprylad" in the third pavilion of the International Exhibition Centre.
Location booth enterprise

International Exhibition Center is located at:
Kyiv, 15 Brovarsky Ave.
Located between metro stations and hydro Left, near the exit from Rusanovskogo bridge.

Detailed location fairgrounds.
Detailed location fairgrounds.