Operational need and procurement of LLC "Zakhidprylad":

Constantly buy new / used equipment, radio components, ZIPy, technical descriptions and albums schemes.

Attention to equipment suppliers:


- From 05.03.99, the purchasing department in Lviv works 7 days a week.

Cont. tel .: +38 (050) 370-91-94, Andrew.


- On 05/11/12 the purchasing department in Moscow is open 7 days a week, and on Saturdays at radio "Mitino".

Cont. tel .: +7 (495) 374-54-18, Victor.


- Purchasing prices for all equipment are fixed for one month, then may vary depending on demand and supply in the market, as well as on the exchange rate and other factors.

buy adapters, parts and accessories etc.



Buy devices (13.05.2019):


Voltmeters M1611, M1620 (any V and kV) 500-1000rub 200-400grn


Ammeters M1611, M1620 (with 0 in the middle) 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Buy Ammeters M1611


Ammeters, voltmeters E8030 (different) 100-200rub 40-80grn

buy Ammeters, voltmeters E8030



SOSPR 500-1000rub 200-400grn

SOPPR 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Stopwatches SOPPR


Electrical measuring instruments 43201 1000-2000rub 400-800grn

buy Electrical measuring instruments 43201


Photoelectric photometers KFK-3-01-"ZOMZ" (only -01 and only ZOMZ factory) 2 pcs. expensive

Measuring instruments of a difference of phases F2-34 10000-20000rub 4000-8000grn


Spare parts for F2-34 expensive

buy Spare parts for F2-34


Devices for control of windings of electrical machines EL-1, EL-15 2500-5000rub 1000-2000grn


Spare parts for the EL-1, EL-15 1000-2000rub 400-800grn

buy Spare parts for EL-1, EL-15


Measuring shunts:

75ShSM 2000A 750-1500rub 300-600grn

75ShSM 7500A 4000-8000rub 1600-3200grn

buy Shunts measuring 75SHSM 7500A


Condenser microphone caps MK 221 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

buy Condenser microphone caps MK 221


Megohmmeters MS-05 1000-2000rub 400-800grn

buy Megohmmeters MS-05


Resistance meters KhN 2570 P

Digital phase meters F5131 (or documentation) 5000-10000rub 2000-4000grn

Resistive supplementary high DEChM expensive


Transitions hermetic SRG-50-82FV 10pcs.

buy Transitions hermetic SRG-50-82FV


Rotary transformers 5BVT-D 3/0.1 LSh3.010.391 150-300rub 60-120grn

buy Rotary transformers 5BVT-D 3/0.1 LSh3.010.391


Selsins contactless BD-501B 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Selsins contactless BD-501B


Probes Langmuir ZL-T


Mechanical locomotive speed meters 3SL2M

buy Mechanical locomotive speed meters 3SL2M



buy Relay PKE56PODG


Engines DM-0.1A


Pumps DTsN-80

buy Pumps DTsN-80


Hydraulic filters 8D2.966.512-06 10pcs.

Filters 8D8.050.066 20pcs.

Lamps LFS-P27-1000 (LFL27-1000) 10pcs.

Signaling devices SZF 43pcs.


Magneto BSM-9F

buy Magneto BSM-9F



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy dynamometers (03.05.2019):


Dynamometers (necessary to look at both the marking and the nominal, as can be 2 prices:

DPU-500 500kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-50 50ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-200 200kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-20 20ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-100-1 100kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-100-2 100kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-10-2 10kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-10-2 10ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-10-2-V1 10ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-50-1 50kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

buy Dynamometers DPU-50-1 50kN

DPU-50-2 50kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-5-2-V1 5ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-5-2 5ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-20-1 20kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-20-2 20kN 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-2-2-V1 2ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-2-2 2ts 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

buy Dynamometers DPU-2-2 2ts

DPU-5-2 5kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-2-2 2kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-1-2 1kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,5-2 0.5kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,5-2 5kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

buy Dynamometers DPU-0,5-2 5kN

DPU-0,5-2 500kgs 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,2-2 0,2kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,2-2 2kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,2-2 200kgs 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,1-2 0.1kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,1-2 1kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,1-2 100kgs 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

buy Dynamometers DPU-0,1-2 100kgs

DPU-0,02-2 0.2kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,02-2 20kgs 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,01-2 0.1kN 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

DPU-0,01-2 10kgs 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy dynamometers (02.05.2019):


Dynamometers moisture-proof DRV:

DRV-2-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DRV-5-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DRV-10-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DRV-15-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

buy Dynamometers moisture-proof DRV-15-2



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy devices (01.05.2019):


Dampers supporting APNM-3 150-300rub 60-120grn

buy Dampers supporting APNM-3


Rubber-metal shock absorbers:

AP-2-9,0 50-100rub 20-40grn

AP-2-54,0 50-100rub 20-40grn

buy Rubber-metal shock absorbers AP-2-54,0


Forks block 7R-52 1500pcs. 150-300rub 60-120grn


Sockets block 7R-52 1000pcs. 300-600rub 120-240grn

buy Sockets block 7R-52



DPU-2-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-5-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-10-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-20-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-50-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-100-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-200-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn

DPU-500-2 3000-6000rub 1200-2400grn


Measuring shunts 75ShSM3 20A 186pcs. 30-60rub 12-24grn

buy Measuring shunts 75ShSM3 20A


Selsins contactless BS-500M 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Selsins contactless BS-500M


Selsins-sensors BD-404NA


Electric motors reversible RD-09-P2A 15.5 rev/min 150-300rub 60-120grn

buy Electric motors reversible RD-09-P2A 15.5 rev/min


DC electric motors DPR-42-F1-02 100pcs.

buy DC electric motors DPR-42-F1-02


Tachogenerators 2TGP-5


Frequency meters ChF9-1 (350-900 Hz) 5000-10000rub 2000-4000grn

buy Frequency meters ChF9-1


Voltmeters M900 (10mV)


Ammeters M4200 (75mV) 50-100rub 20-40grn

buy Ammeters M4200


Coaxial transitions:

E2-17 150-300rub 60-120grn

E2-19 150-300rub 60-120grn

buy Coaxial transitions E2-19


Microhmmeters F4104 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Microhmmeters F4104


Bridges of alternating current R595 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

Testers of dischargers IR-3M 500-1000rub 200-400grn

Phasometers digital F5131 expensive urgently


Resistance measures R40115 expensive

buy Resistance measures R40115


Signal generators high-frequency RG4-14 expensive

buy Signal generators high-frequency RG4-14


Blocks generating YA2R-73/1

buy Blocks generating YA2R-73/1


Thermoamperemeters T18

buy Thermoamperemetry T18


Test stands STP-2000 expensive

Probes (downhole tools) to the Kura 2M expensive

Chip KMP201KhP1 20pcs.


Side lights SM-1KM (MGSHV wires) 30pcs.

buy Side lights SM-1KM (MGSHV wires)


Electric fans:

1.0EV-1.4-4-3270T4 2pcs.

1.25EV-2.8-6-3270U4 3pcs.


Sockets ShR20P4NSh8 20pcs. 27-55rub 14-27grn

Forks ShR20P5EG10 15pcs. 20-40rub 10-20grn

Sockets ShR20P5EG10 15pcs. 15-30rub 7-15grn

Forks ShR28P6EG5 10pcs. 30-60rub 15-30grn

Sockets ShR28P6EG5 10pcs. 15-30rub 7-15grn

Forks 2RMT27BPN24Sh1V1V 10pcs. 15-30rub 7-15grn

Sockets 2RMT27KPN24G1V1V 10pcs. 15-30rub 7-15grn


Sockets 2RMT22B10G1V1V 10pcs. 25-50rub 12-25grn

buy Sockets 2RMT22B10G1V1V


Units ignition SKNA-22-2M expensive

Power supplies 55Kh

Side recorders P-503B expensive

Microphones-speakers D3MSH-1A expensive

Interface blocks BSD-1 expensive

Communication blocks with drives BSP-1 expensive

Products ENG-10-S76 expensive

Cranes electromagnetic GA163T/16 expensive

Alternators GT60PCH6A expensive

Products IKA0-01 expensive

Tape recorders aircraft MS-61B expensive

Responders onboard MST-67A expensive

Products RU-26-1 expensive

Requesters aircraft SDK-67 expensive

Beacons aircraft pulse SMI-2KM expensive


Angular velocity sensors:



buy Angular velocity sensors DUSM-60



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy devices expensive urgently (26.04.2019):


Devices AID-70M

buy Devices AID-70M


Installation tests VLF-60 very expensive urgently

buy Installation tests VLF-60


Measures of electrical resistance multi-valued MS3055 (accuracy class 0.02)


Sets of unambiguous measures of electrical resistance thermostated:

MS3050T (0.1 Ohm, 1 Ohm, 10 Ohm, 100 Ohm, accuracy class 0.001)

MS3050T (100 Ohm, 1 kOhm, 10 kOhm, 100 kOhm, accuracy class 0.001)


Unambiguous measures of electrical resistance:



buy Unambiguous measures of electrical resistance MS3050M


Devices high-voltage AVITS-120 (trials 2) together with baths AVITS-20P

Universal oscilloscopes S1-167


Digital oscilloscopes S8-46/1

buy Digital oscilloscopes S8-46/1


Milliohmmeters E6-25

Anemometers manual electronic ARE-M (0.3-35 m/s)

Instruments for calibration of indicators PPI-50

Measuring instruments for insulation parameters of high-voltage equipment Tangens-2000

Ohmmeters (measuring instruments of resistance of grounding) MEGEON 13120



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy testers and combination devices (05.04.2019):


Testers and combination devices 500-1000rub 200-400grn:


buy Devices combined 43101




buy Devices combined 43103/2







buy Testers TL-4M








buy Testers combined Ts4315












Ts4352M1, Ts4352


Ts4354, Ts4354M1




buy Devices combined Ts4380M



buy Devices combined F4318






buy Devices combined EK4304



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18, Victor

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew

KazakNstan, Almaty:

Cont. tel. +7-727-346-98-00



Skype: prylad




Buy devices (04.04.2019):


Frequency standards Сh1-78 1pc. expensive


Spectrum analyzers:

SK4-56 10000-20000rub 4000-8000grn

SK4-58 10000-20000rub 4000-8000grn

SK4-59 10000-20000 rub 4000-8000grn

buy Spectrum analyzers SK4-59


Potentiometers automatic R377

Measuring parameters of high-frequency transistors L2-12

Pincers current-measuring ATK-2250

Portable gas analyzers IVP-1U1.1


Aneroid barometers meteorological control M-67 1500-3000rub 600-1200grn

buy Aneroid barometers meteorological control M-67


Hours aviation AChS-1M

buy Hours aviation AChS-1M


Measuring converters Е849/7-М1 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Measuring converters Е849/7-М1


Frequency meters PF9-1 (350-900Hz) 2500-5000rub 1000-2000grn

buy Frequency meters PF9-1


Millivoltmeters M900 (5-0-5mV) expensive

buy Millivoltmeters M900


Switches P1828 500-1000rub 200-400grn

buy Switches P1828


Electric motors:

SL-261 500-1000rub 200-400grn

SD-54 96rev/min; 1/15.62

buy Electric motors SD-54 96 rev/min; 1/15.62


Angle sensors 15D-32B


Phasers FV67-12-0,08 10pcs. expensive

buy Phasers FV67-12-0,08


Portable gas analyzers:


buy Portable gas analyzers PGF2M1-I1AU4



Relay pulse signaling RIS-E2M

buy Relay pulse signaling RIS-E2M


Connectors RPKM3-26/67G3 1pc. 533-1066rub 267-533grn


Connectors RPKM3-26/67SH1 1pcs. 442-883rub 221-442grn

buy Connectors RPKM3-26/67SH1



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel.