Operational need and procurement of LLC "Zakhidprylad":

Constantly buy new / used equipment, radio components, ZIPy, technical descriptions and albums schemes.

Attention to equipment suppliers:


- From 05.03.99, the purchasing department in Lviv works 7 days a week.

Cont. tel .: +38 (050) 370-91-94, Andrew, prylad@gmail.com


- On 05/11/12 the purchasing department in Moscow is open 7 days a week, and on Saturdays at radio "Mitino".

Cont. tel .: +7 (495) 374-54-18, Victor, prylad@gmail.com


- Purchasing prices for all equipment are fixed for one month, then may vary depending on demand and supply in the market, as well as on the exchange rate and other factors.

buy adapters, parts and accessories etc.



Buy calipers (11.07.2019):


Calipers SHTs-3-1250 0.1mm sponge 125mm 15pcs.

buy Calipers SHTs-3-1250



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-215-54-93

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-067-730-49-81





Buy devices (11.07.2019):


Measures of width and period special MShPS-2.0K


Portable gas analyzers AGAT-V

buy Portable gas analyzers AGAT-V


Insulation Control Units BKI-1-04


Microscopes professional BIOLAM R-11

buy Microscopes professional BIOLAM R-11


Hardness testers TB 5056

buy Hardness testers TB 5056


Colorimeter photoelectric KFK-2

buy Colorimeter photoelectric KFK-2



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-212-17-81, Julia

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-410-57-87





Buy devices (10.07.2019):


Blocks polyspastny PN-2 2t

Squares ULTs-630

The walls of the measures S-10A 5pcs.


Presses hydraulic measuring PGI-500-01S expensive

buy Presses hydraulic measuring PGI-500-01S


Amplifiers electric EMU-50 gas stations

Sets of trailer linear measures of KMD №3 (2-N3)



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-215-54-93

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-067-730-49-81





Buy measuring instruments (illiquid production of the USSR) (09.07.2019):


Micrometers smooth MK, lever MR, MRI, prismatic MTI, MPI, MSI, with inserts MVM, gear-metering MZ, sheet ML, pipe MT and MVP, MKN

buy Micrometers lever MR


Nutromera indicator NI, micrometric NM, NMI


Brackets lever SR, SRP, indicator SI, smooth adjustable

buy Brackets lever SR


Depth gages micrometric GM, indicator GI, GMS

buy Depth gages micrometric GM


Length measures plane-parallel end KMD steel and carbide

buy Length measures plane-parallel end KMD


Measures angular prismatic end MUP

Radius gauges


Stenkomery indicator S

buy Stenkomery indicator S


Thickness gauge indicator TN, TP

buy Thickness gauge indicator TN


Goniometers 2UM, 2URI, 3URI-M, 4UM, 5UM, UN, UO

buy Goniometers 2UM


Squares testing UP, ULP, ULTs, UP, USh

buy Squares testing ULTs


Levels bar and frame

buy Levels bar


Rulers steel testing ShD, ShP, UT, curved LD, LT, LCh, LS, ShM

buy Rulers steel testing ShD


Plates glass PI, PM

buy Plates glass PI


Hardness measures MTB, MTV, MTR, MTSR, KHBW

buy Hardness measures MTR


Cast iron testing plates, from steadfast rocks

Mikrokator IGPV


Shtangenreysmasy ShR

buy Shtangenreysmasy ShR


Shtangenzubomery ShZN

buy Shtangenzubomery ShZN


Shtangenglubinomery ShG, ShGN


Shtangen pipe meters ShTN

buy Shtangen pipe meters ShTN


Calipers SHTs, PShV

buy Calipers SHTs


Indicators ICh, IChS, IChT, IRT, IRB, МIG, IG

buy Indicators ICh


Roughness samples of OShS: T, R, TT, FT, FTP, FTs, ShTs, ShTsV, ShP, ShT, ShCh, PTs, PP, surface cleanliness

buy Roughness samples of OShS-T


Prisms testing and marking P

Brands alphabetic and digital

Defibomers PM, RM, NTI


Control bars BK