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We buy new and used devices, radio components, shock absorbers, electric motors, syncs, rotating transformers, spare parts, technical descriptions and sketch albums.
Send lists of your equipment, even if they are not in our need, with prices, quantity, condition, photos and contact information (your phone number) to our email
We regularly read all your messages and if we need anything, we will contact you for further cooperation and equipment purchase.

If you have the equipment requested by us, you can call the numbers:

+7 (495) 374-54-18
+38 (050) 370-91-94
or write to



Attention to equipment suppliers:


- Purchasing prices for all equipment are fixed for one month, then may vary depending on demand and supply in the market, as well as on the exchange rate and other factors.

Buy devices (12.02.2020):
Testing stands STP-2000  expensive

Resistance Meters:
M416  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
buy Resistance Meters M416
F4103  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
F4104  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH

Universal Oscilloscopes S1-125  10000-20000RUB 4000-8000UAH
buy Universal Oscilloscopes S1-125

Photoelectric photometers KFK-3  5000-10000RUB 2000-4000UAH
buy Photoelectric photometers KFK-3


Mechanical dynamometers DSP-5  1500-3000RUB 600-1200UAH

buy Mechanical dynamometers DSP-5

Resistance Stores R33  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
buy Resistance Stores R33

Combined devices Ts4352  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
Automatic temperature control systems SAKT-06  very expensive
Tachometers TS-014
Geiger-Muller Counters SBM-10
buy Geiger-Muller Counters SBM-10



Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew




Buy devices (05.02.2020):

Installation for checking attenuators D1-14/1 1pcexpensive urgently, already paid!

High-frequency signal generators G4-83 2pcsexpensive urgently, already paid!
buy High-frequency signal generators G4-83
Geiger-Muller counters SBM-20 100 pieces  100-200RUB 40-80UAH
buy Geiger-Muller counters SBM-20

Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew




Buy devices (04.02.2020):
Ammeters M1360-7  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
Milliammeters M1360 at 1mA  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH
buy Milliammeters M1360
Glass substrates:
ST-50-1-1-0,6  15-30RUB 5-10UAH
ST-50-1-3-0,6  15-30RUB 5-10UAH
buy Glass substrates ST-50-1-3-0,6

Measures of electrical resistance R4030-M1  1000-2000RUB 500-1000UAH
buy Measures of electrical resistance >R4030-M1


Sources of constant voltage and current B5-71  1500-3000RUB 600-1200UAH

buy Sources of constant voltage and current B5-71


Phase-zero circuit resistance meters ER180  1000-2000RUB 500-1000UAH

Megaohmmeters ES0202G  1000-2000RUB 500-1000UAH
Dose power meters DP-5A  500-1000RUB 200-400UAH

Meters of parameters of electronic lamps L3-3  1000-2000RUB 500-1000UAH
buy Meters of parameters of electronic lamps L3-3

Fans temperature-controlled VVF-112  100-200RUB 50-100UAH
Ammeters E8022, E8026, E8031 on 30A  50-100RUB 20-40UAH

Russia Moscow:

Cont. tel. +7-495-374-54-18

Ukraine Lviv:

Cont. tel. +38-050-370-91-94, Andrew




Buy devices​ (20.01.2020):


Attenuator verification facilities D1-14/1  15000-30000RUB  6000-12000UAH
buy Attenuator verification facilities D1-14/1

Dynamometers are exemplary:
DOSM-3-0,2 (2 kN 200 kg1000-2000RUB  400-800UAH
DOSM-3-2U (2 kN 200 kg1000-2000RUB  400-800UAH
buy Dynamometers model DOSM-3-2U
Slider resistance rheostats RSP-4-19 7 A 11 Ohm  1000-2000RUB  400-800UAH
buy Slider resistance rheostats RSP-4-19

Glass flat plates PI-60 (only lower)  300-600RUB  120-240UAH
buy Glass plates PI-60

Manometers for aviation MA-100  50-100RUB  20-40UAH
buy Manometers aviation MA-100

Analog teslameters EM4305  1000-2000RUB  400-800UAH

buy Analog teslameters EM4305


Recording microammeters N3012  500-1000RUB  200-400UAH

buy Recording microammeters N3012

Power and Charge Units BPZ-401  1500-3000RUB  600-1200UAH

buy Power and Charge Units BPZ-401


Electric motors DPM-25-N1-03  500-1000RUB  200-400UAH

buy Electric motors DPM-25-N1-03

Devices for determining the light transmission of glass:

LYUKS IS-2  expensive
buy Devices for determining the light transmission of glass LYUKS IS-2
TONIK  expensive