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    LLC "Zapadpribor" - a leading company engaged in the sale and service of measuring instruments.

    Panel Meters: ammeters, voltmeters, power meters, frequency meters, phase meters, synchroscopes, shunts, additional resistors and transformers to them.

    Electrical meters: breakdown installation, auto-transformers, ohmmeters, webermeters, teslameters, galvanometer, light meters, measuring tension.

    Metrology Equipment: calibrators, comparators, testing installations, measures and boxes, measuring bridges, normal elements.

    Radiomeasuring devices: oscilloscopes, voltmeters, frequency and frequency standards, generators, spectrum analyzers, meters RLC, frequency response analyzer.

     Equipment for inspection: LLC "ZAPADPRIBOR" - the official dealer troh largest manufacturers of equipment for inspection - NPF "META", ZAO "AlFA-DINAMIKA Khimavtomatika" TM "INFRAKAR», "Unimetal Sp. Z o.o.". Always in stock: tester, sound level meter, gas analyzer, smoke meter, lyuftomer, the photometer, and other devices.

    Dosimeters and radiometers (Pripyat, Terra, DP-5V, Bella) breathalyzer, alcometers.

    And as always in stock motors, synchros, rotary transformers, KIPiA, radiocomponents, dynamometers, measuring tools.

Brake Tester STM-15000U.01 + 5 000$ as a GIFT (a set of devices for State technical inspection).



1 590 000 RUB

include VAT

795 000 UAH

include VAT

Universal roller brake tester STM 15000U.01 is designed to measure all the parameters of the brake system of all types of vehicles with an axle load of 18 000 kg - all passenger, all-wheel drive, vans, buses, trucks and other, including heavy .
Measuring range of the braking force at each wheel axle checked - from 0 kN to 40 kN.
Measuring range effort on the control - from 0 N to 1000 N.
Range of weight measurement axis - from 0 kg to 18 000 kg.
Measuring range brake system response time - from 0 seconds to 2 seconds.

     Brake stands series STM-15000U.01 staffed monolithic type rollers with spikes cut-out (do not require periodic renewal or "welding on"), the factory warranty on the rollers of this type 12 years!

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2 640pcs

1 820 RUB

include VAT

910 UAH

include VAT

    E365 ammeter, voltmeter E365, E365 milliammeter, kiloampermetr E365, E365 kilovoltmeter (E-365, E 365)
    Designed to measure voltage and current in AC circuits.
    Manufacturer: Russia. Not China!
    Dimensions - 120h120h50mm, 120h120h116mm.
    Accuracy class - 1.5.
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25 615 RUB

include VAT

12 808 UAH

include VAT