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     According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated July 9, 2008 N 606 "On approval of the Providence Public inspection of wheeled vehicles" from January 1, 2009 state inspection of vehicles will conduct business entities (service station).
     To obtain permission to conduct inspection business entities are required to have a measuring laboratory accreditation for which it is necessary to complement the specific devices.
     LLC "Zapadpribor" implements a complete list of devices, measuring instruments and equipment required for the accreditation of laboratories measuring, checking the technical condition of wheeled vehicles at the time of the state inspection, as follows:
    - Line of metal
    - A metal tape measure
    - Photometer for measuring light intensity
    - Regloskop
    - Stopwatch
    - Meter backlash-dynamometer
    - Dynamometer
    - Calipers (depth gauge)
    - A set of tire pressure gauges
    - Torque wrench
    - The roller test bench for testing of brake systems
    - Gas analyzer
    - Smoke meter
    - Sound Level Meter
    - A device for measuring light transmission glass  and other necessary test equipment.
     More detailed descriptions and prices for the equipment you can find in  CATALOG OF EQUIPMENT FOR INSPECTION

     Our company is happy to help you equip your auto repair diagnostic equipment that will allow you to efficiently and quickly make checkup in 2009. We guarantee you the most rapid delivery all over Ukraine and the high quality of all devices for vehicle diagnostics. Passage of the annual State. inspection - the duty of every owner of the car, so the need for special equipment. SRT devices is very high.

    The company Zapadpribor is an authorized dealer "NPF Meta" (Russia, Zhigulevsk) - the largest manufacturer of automotive diagnostic equipment for inspection of cars.


Video production company "NPF META"


    For a long time the company has its own line of state technical inspection of cars.
    This line is a model for the creation of technical inspection of cars. Ensure that you can by watching this video.


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