Giving breathalyzer per 10 photos site has long been an encyclopedia on the measurement technique.

The site contains more than 15 000 data sheets, and more than 20 000 photos.

But the most valuable is the practical experience of operation and use of the instrument pictures in practice.

On August 1, 2014 on the site only 500 images application made ​​by our craftsmen and engineers during commissioning.

Therefore, your colleagues and we are very grateful for the completion of database of photos and videos of real use devices.

    To encourage pioneers to April 30, 2019 those, who send a photo-review (10 photos) on the use of the device is guaranteed and absolutely FREE receive a gift worth 100$ breathalyzer, and if you put some effort and cost is 250$.

    Under the gifts given to three types alcotester:


price 3160 RUB.
for you free



price 4500 RUB.
for you free

standard photo-review +
video about how to use the


price 10560 RUB.
for you free

You make a detailed
photo-review + video

    Gifts under our warehouse allocated 200 alcotesters:
     - We have already sent 127 alcotester;
     - We still have 73 alcotesters.

    If you send us a review until February 15, 2019 - with alcotester you also get a set of mouthpieces (50 pieces).

    To see examples of photo comments your colleagues click here.

    The whole process takes less than 30 minutes of your time .

    Requirements for the photo and videos:

     - for panel - not less than 5 pictures;
     - for the device (eg, an oscilloscope) - at least 10 photographs;
     - for large installations (eg, brake stand) - at least 15 photographs;
     - for sets of equipment for inspection - no less than 25 pictures.

    You can take photos and video of the device camera or camera phone. The main thing that was normal lighting and the pictures were not lubricated.
    Photos and videos on what "can not see anything ": made ​​in bad light with insufficient expansion, blur (poor sharpness) or those that are not associated with the instrument will not be counted.

    Devices need to photograph directly to their workplace during their use:
     - For panel voltmeter - it's front panel and setting where they are installed;
     - Generator - this instrument cabinet or table on which sits the master or engineer. You commit to the process and outcome measurements;
     - For brake testers - this inspection station or stations. Car arrived, your masters make - you commit the whole process.

    The proposal take part all instrumentation, acquired LLC " Zapadpribor". Measuring tools (rulers, tape measures, calipers and other), datasheets measuring instruments do not apply.

    To submit feedback, click the "Give feedback", located on top of the device description.
    You can also send photos and videos directly to the email address
    If you have any technical questions, please contact your nearest sales office:



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