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Action! "Brake stand STM factory price + set of equipment for inspection free of charge"

    When you purchase brake tester series STM and technical control lines LTK You get FREE set of equipment necessary to perform the inspection.
    Complete set of equipment consists of 20 diagnostic tools total cost 388 700 RUB. A list of devices, see below.
    Offer applies only to countries in the Customs Union: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

    Tester comes fully equipped with two roller setting, 8 load cells, pedometer, computer, lights, mounting kit, power and signal cables, and more.

What is your gain?  
    You get a discount more than 23% of the brake tester.

Your savings up to 388 700 RUB.

    Amount of gift depending on the type of brake tester STM:

Price including VAT
Amount of gift
Stand axle load up to 18 000 kg.
1 690 000 RUB
388 700 RUB
Stand axle load up to 15 000 kg.
1 690 000 RUB
388 700 RUB
Stand axle load up to 16 000 kg. precise
STM-15000U Stand axle load up to 15 000 kg. precise
Stand axle load up to 16 000 kg. precise
STM-15000U (mono) Stand axle load up to 15 000 kg. precise
Stand axle load up to 13 000 kg.
1 270 000 RUB
292 100 RUB
Stand axle load up to 15 000 kg.
1 270 000 RUB
292 100 RUB
Stand axle load up to 10 000 kg. precise
Stand axle load up to 10 000 kg. precise
Stand axle load up to 3 500 kg.
754 000 RUB
173 420 RUB
STM 3000M.02
 Stand axle load up to 3 000 kg.
619 000 RUB
143 370 RUB
Stand axle load up to 3 500 kg.
619 000 RUB
143 370 RUB
STM 3000M.01
Stand axle load up to 3 000 kg.
575 000 RUB
132 250 RUB
Stand axle load up to 3 500 kg.
575 000 RUB
132 250 RUB
Stand axle load up to 3 500 kg. precise
Stand axle load up to 1 500 kg. precise

    What is our benefit?
    We are selling the surplus warehouse, caused by a temporary boom in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Unrealized brake stands after the expiry of the shares will return to the warehouse of the manufacturer, "META" Zhigulevsk.
    Details of the action:
    1. Time offer is valid:    from January 1 to May 31, 2020 or until stocks last.
    2. Number of free sets of equipment:    3 sets (20 in each unit) and 2 sets (10 devices each).
    3. Brake testing and instrumentation supplied with an official guarantee of 12 months from the date of sale.
    4. Stands and kits are in stock LLC "Zapadpribor" and ready for shipment.
    5. You can choose only one piece of each type of instrument with the gift list. At the discretion of the responsible manager, for some items, you can select several pieces of similar devices.
    6. For three days (including the date of payment) after purchase brake tester or technical control, the buyer informs the responsible manager list of gifts that he chose, according to the proposed list (in the table below).

    A complete set of equipment for the inspection of cars consists of 20 diagnostic tools worth 388 700 RUB. If you do not believe, look at the cost estimate and calculate it yourself.
    According to the order №1677 from 06.12.2011, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and other normative documents in the set of equipment for the technical inspection of KTS must include the following items:
Type of instrument and its purpose
Price, including VAT
Gas analyzer
 - determination of pollutants in the exhaust gases of vehicles with gasoline engines
27 999 RUB
 - determination of pollutants in the exhaust gases of vehicles with diesel engines
29 999 RUB
 - for measuring the total backlash of the steering
19 999 RUB
Cars turning devices
 - are used in the measurement of loose steering vehicles with an axle load of up to 3.5 tons
21 750 RUB
Freight rotators
 - are used in the measurement of loose steering vehicles with an axle load of 3.5 to 23 tons
63 000 RUB
Sound Level Meter
 - measurement of noise generated by the engine and the exhaust system of the vehicle
18 999 RUB
 - a device for controlling and adjusting the intensity headlights
9 999 RUB
Leak detector (with LED display)
 - to check the tightness of the gas supply system of vehicles
16 639 RUB
 - check the belt tension device
29 999 RUB
 - dynamometer for testing effort on the steering wheel (or electronic dynamometer)
29 999 RUB
 - a device for checking the pneumatic brake system
22 800 RUB
Set torque wrench from 0 to 1500 Nm
 - check the tightening torque of fastening discs or wheel rims
34 500 RUB
 - measurement of the frequency of the crankshaft
28 511 RUB
Stopwatch SOSpr
 - measurement of the frequency of movement of the wiper blades
8 678 RUB
Vernier caliper ShTs-150
 - measure the depth of the tread
1 455 RUB
Tire pressure gauge
 - to check the tire pressure before carrying out technical inspection
950 RUB
Metal tape measure 5 meters
 - to measure the braking distance
599 RUB
A set of lines (150, 300, 500mm)
 - to measure the linear parameters during technical inspection
600 RUB
Anemometer MS-13
 - to control the speed of the wind during the measurement sound level meter
19 999 RUB
Hygrometer-thermometer VIT
 - measurement of the ambient temperature from 0 to 45°C
449 RUB
Total value of the gift sets
388 700
    Positions 6, 8 (both versions) is temporarily out of stock. Approximate date of delivery expectations: February 14, 2020.

    Also, make an order until January 31, 2020 in the state of emergency LLC "Zapadpribor" you also receive a set of useful equipment that will come in handy not only at station, but also in everyday life.
Type of instrument and its purpose
Price, including VAT
1 E236 tester anchors alternators and starters (with storage) 69 999 RUB
Professional breathalyser FGTest-60Pro with sensor type FlueCellSensor
- control of sobriety staff
88 500 RUB
Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer TN - non-contact temperature measurement at a distance of 5 meters
 - temperature measurement range from -30°C to 700°C
84 150 RUB
Personal dosimeter MASTER-1 (export performance)
 - weighs only 90 grams, measures the gamma radiation
9 900 RUB
The total value of the bonus package
252 549

If you are interested to acquire profitable private label tester series, saving more than 388 thousand rubles, please contact our sales department at the phone number
    (495) 212-18-59 or send an e-mail

    Hurry! Number of promotional products is limited.
    This offer is valid only until May 31, 2020.

Lineup brake tester series STM

Full description of the brake tester
Two-speed modular universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of 18 000 kg.
Modular universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 15 000 kg.
STM-15000U (mono)
Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 15 000 kg.
Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 12 000 kg.
Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 10 000 kg.
Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) axle load up to 3 500 kg.
Low-profile modular universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 3 500 kg.
Low-profile monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) axle load up to 3500 kg.
Tester to check the motorcycle with axle load up to 1 500 kg.
STM-18000 Two-speed modular universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of 18 000 kg.
STM-16000.02 Modular universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 16 000 kg. More about STM-16000.02
STM-16000.01 Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 16 000 kg. More about STM-16000.01
STM-13000.01 Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 13 000 kg. More about STM-13000.01
STM-10000 Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) with an axle load of up to 10 000 kg. More about STM-10000
STM-3500 M.02 Low-profile modular universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 3 500 kg. More about STM-3500 M.02
STM-3500 M.01 Low-profile monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) axle load up to 3 500 kg. More about STM-3500 M.01
STM-3500M Monoblock universal tester for vehicles (also all-wheel drive) axle load up to 3 500 kg. More about STM-3500M
STM 3000M.02 Low-profile modular compact universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 3 000 kg.

More about STM 3000M.02

STM 3000M.01 Low profile compact monoblock universal tester for vehicles (four-wheel drive also) with an axle load of up to 3 000 kg. More about STM 3000M.01



Below is a description of the brake tester STM-18000.



Versatile two-speed modular t stand the heat ormeau STM-18000 is designed to measure all the parameters of the brake system of all types of vehicles with an axle load of 18000 kg - all passenger, all-wheel drive, vans, buses, trucks and other, including heavy.

This stand can also be called: STM18000; STM 18000; ctm-18000; ctm18000; ctm 18000.


Brake stands STM-18000 are fully certified and certified in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, as well as listed in the State Register of SIT:


№ 38044-13

STM-18000 brake stand type approval certificate OA, Russia.
№. KZ.02.03.05536

STM-18000 brake stand type approval certificate OA, Kazakhstan.
№ 23882-02
STM-18000 brake stand type approval certificate OA, Ukraine.
STM-18000 brake stand type approval certificate OA, Belarus.


Brake stands STM-18000 equipped with rollers monolithic type with cut-out spikes (do not require periodic renewal or "welding on"), the factory warranty on the rollers of this type 12 years!

Даний стенд СТМ-3500МН укомплектований роликами монолітного типу з вирізними шипами  заводська гарантія на ролики даного типу 12 років!

Tester STM-18000 is a two-speed - for passenger and commercial vehicles have a separate method for measuring individual settings and work bench and sensors that allows measurements more accurate and more convenient!

These stands can operate in temperatures from -30° C to +50° C, which allows to use them in unheated rooms and open areas with a canopy.


Examples of brake stands STM-18000:

If you want to view all the pictures on this lab, click on the photo or inscription.


Lviv. May 2011. Installation. Brake tester.

Гальмівний СТМ-15000 м. Львів Травень 2011р
Kherson region. November 2010. Installation of a brake stand.гальмівнім стендом СТМ-3500МН

Vinnitsa region. April 2011. Connecting a brake stand.Гальмівний стенд СТМ-15000У Вінницька обл.  Квітень 2011.
Plant "Motor Sich". August 2010 Installing brake tester. СТМ-3500МН пересувна станція в Чернігівській области

To buy tester STM-18000, please contact your account manager. Price brake tester will surprise you.


For control vehicle without leading differential between axes tester STM provides the rotation of the left and right wheel in opposite directions.


Supplied brake tester STM-18000:


1. Roller module installation - 2 pcs.

2. The force sensor on the brake pedal - 1 pcs.

3. Weight sensors - 8 pcs.

4. Control cabinet - 1 pcs.

5. Traffic lights - 1 pcs.

6. Tripod - 1 pcs.

7. System unit PC Intel ® Pentium 4M - 1 pcs.

8. LCD Monitor 19 inches - 1 pcs.

9. Software "Diagnostic Control 4.0" - 1 pcs.

10. Software "Brake Stand STM 5.00" - 1 pcs.

11. PC keyboard - 1 pcs.

12. Optical Mouse - 1 pcs.

13. Adapter USB-TC - 1 pcs.

14. Cable Kit - 1 pcs.

15. Calibration kit - 1 pcs.

16. Mounting kit - 1 pcs.

17. Passport - 1 pcs.

18. Operating Manual - 1 pcs.

19. Methods of verification - 1 pcs.

20. Installation Instructions - 1 pcs.

21. Certificate of state metrological verification - 1 pcs.

Video of the brake stand STM


Video about real certification test of the brake system on a universal brake stand STM


Buying tester STM-18000, you will get high quality and durable stand at an affordable price.


Stands STM-18000 can be used at service stations PBX, auto businesses, the state inspection stations controllers, special service, in operation, when placed on the line, as well as annual inspections using diagnostics tools. May also be included in the automated inspection PBX lines, combined in software and hardware LTK or container in the diagnostic stations LTK-M.


Specifications STM-18000:



Initial braking speed, simulated on the bench - not less than 4 km/h.

Measuring range of the braking force at each wheel axle checked - from 0 kN to 24 kN.

Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±3.

Mass axis measuring range - from 0 kg to 9000 kg.

Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±3.

Power consumption - no more than 19 kW.



Initial braking speed, simulated on the bench - not less than 2 km/h.

Measuring range of the braking force at each wheel axle checked - from 0 kN to 60 kN.

Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±3.

Mass axis measuring range - from 9000 kg to 18 000 kg.

Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±3.

Power consumption - no more than 16 kW.


Measuring range effort on the control - from 0 N to 1000 N.


Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±5.

Measuring range brake system response time - from 0 seconds to 2 seconds.

Permissible relative error limit - no more than ±0,01.

Track width - from 900 mm to 2900 mm.

Wheel diameter - from 600 mm to 1200 mm.

Power supply:

- Voltage - 323 V to 418 V;

- Frequency - 50±1 Hz.

Warm-up time - no more than 15 minutes.

Continuous operation of the stand - at least 8 hours.

Average life - at least 8 years.

MTBF - not less than 6000 hours.

Average time running again - no more than 6,4 hours.

Operating temperature range of the measurement - from -30° C to +50° C.



- Roller installation - no more 2010x810x440 mm;

- Control box - no more than 650x500x141 mm;

- Traffic - no more 70x200x200 mm.


- Roller system - no more than 650x2 kg;

- Control box - no more than 27 kg;

- Traffic - no more than 5 kg.


Structural features of STM-18000:


Automatic control of measurement modes or manual mode with radio control.

Provides display of measurement results and service information on the screen and a bulletin board.

Printout of measurement protocol and schedules braking forces.

Teams operator and the driver of the vehicle is displayed on the monitor screen and duplicated at the traffic lights or remote display.

Disconnecting the drive rollers occurs at a fixed rate of slip between the wheels of the car and checked the drive rollers.

Stand STM-18000 enables self-aligning car during testing, automatic switching on and off drives when zoomed in and out.

Dynamic measurement of braking forces of the wheels and the axle loads under braking axle load given under braking.

Increased durability rollers provide special hardening and surface treatment. Roller coverings is resistant to studded tires.

Corrosion protection of all elements of the roller installation STM: polymer powder coating.


1. Brake stand provides automatic performance measurement and calculation of the following braking performance:

- Weight axis diagnosed kg;

- The control force, N;

- Response time braking system;

- Specific braking force of each wheel, kN;

- Relative difference in brake force one axis;

- Oval wheel axis diagnosed.

2. Displays measurement results and their graphical interpretation on the screen, and a bulletin board.

3. Automatic measurement mode program and method of GOST R 51709-2001, Minpromtorg Order from 06.12.2011 № 1677, GOST 3333-96, GOST 3649-97 and GOST 3649-2010 or manually with radio control.

4. Printing Protocol and graphs braking forces.

5. Displays monitor and traffic guidance operators and drivers.

6. Fully automatic brake tester in-line design with technical control car diagnostic card.

7. Bitmap retrofit stand diagnostic instruments in the amount of LTC.


All stands STM series can be upgraded with the following options for the diagnosis of the vehicle chassis (not necessary for maintenance)

1. New! IAC and video recording system designed for SVR automatically generate database images of cars, automatic recognition and identification of license plates.

2. Combined wireless RF remote control remote-META commands for the automatic transmission and electronic records of the results of visual estimates of the parameters of the car.

3. Tester wheel slip. Designed to monitor and obtain information about the straightness of movement of all axes of the vehicle. Measurement is carried out during the drive the car through the plate research, which in this case is shifted left or right depending on the input side of the wheel. Prevents premature tire wear.

4. Tester for checking passenger car shock absorbers. Designed for control of the shock absorbers. Diagnosis is made by measuring the vibration platforms that simulate the surface roughness. After the cessation of vibrations determine the final test sites fluctuations wheels.

5. Luft detector LD-4000 to identify and eliminate backlash in the joints. Designed to test and shock absorber supports, ball joint suspension, engine mount support arm suspension, steering linkage, wheel bearing, etc. Maximum axle load 4000 kg.

6. Luft detector LD-8000 to identify and eliminate backlash in the joints. Designed for visual and sensory evaluation of gaps in the steering and suspension vehicles. The product can be installed as a forklift truck and the viewing hole. Maximum axle load of 8000 kg.


1. Full compliance with regulatory and technical documentation of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine

Brake stands STM series introduced in the State Register of measuring instruments:

- Russia under the number 38044-13. Correspond to GOST R 51709-2001 "Motor vehicles. Safety requirements for the technical status and methods of verification "Order Minpromtorg from 06.12.2011 № 1677" On Approval of the basic characteristics of funds and technical diagnostics of their list ", as well as specifications TU 4577-020-21298618-2003.

- Kazakhstan numbered KZ.02.03.03180-2009/38044-08.

- Belarus numbered RB March 19, 2252 09.

- Ukraine at number 23882-02, meet all the requirements of GOST 3333-96 "Roller Stands for testing of brake systems for road vehicles in operation. General technical requirements ", GOST 3649-97" Means of transport road. Operational safety requirements to technical conditions and methods of control "and GOST 3649-2010" Means of transport road. Operational safety requirements to technical conditions and methods of control "and completely in all respects suitable for use during the inspection of cars in Ukraine.

Tip leads to the fact that in the near future in Ukraine a few years ago in Russia, introduced new requirements for mandatory unification of all devices in a single line of technical control. To ensure compliance with these requirements should be possible to connect in the future between all instruments for conducting inspection (brake stands, photo and video recording systems, gas analyzers, smoke meters, photometers, lyuftomer, measuring light transmission coefficient of glass, etc.). If the devices are different (eg, a brake stand German or Italian, and gas analyzers, smoke meters and other devices - Russian manufacturer, or vice versa) - then the possibility to connect them to each other and merge into a single line of technical control will not.

NPF "META" is currently the only producer of a complete list of equipment for inspection (gas analyzers, smoke meters, photometers, lyuftomer, brake testers, testers dampers testers input side wheels, light meters, etc.). It is possible to develop the necessary software by which managed to combine all instruments for diagnosing the technical condition of the car in a single line of technical control to build a common research protocol technical condition. All of these procedures on the formation of the protocol is done automatically - you only need to bring all of these devices to a central computer using an adapter LTK (master link or over the air).

These stands STM work equally effectively as with imported and domestic cars with, as well as military and special equipment.


2. Supply

The kit includes all the brake tester need to carry out maintenance: measuring the weight of the car, brake system response time, the force on the brake pedal. Also available light tower, by which the operator sends commands to the driver.

The basic package includes a modern PC «Intel ® Pentium 4M» 19 "LCD monitor with a set of necessary Russified licensed software and database specifications of all cars," Brake Stand STM 5.00".

With the help of this software you can connect to your computer in a single line of technical control all other devices of NPF "META" (brake stands, photo and video recording, shock absorber testers, testers slip wheels, gas analyzers, smoke meters, photometers, lyuftomer, measuring light transmission coefficient Glass et al.) After vehicle diagnostics program "Diagnostic Control 4.0" automatically generates and prints a common protocol diagnostics vehicle, which will include vehicle registration data, the owner and all the parameters that were measured.

Twice a year, the manufacturer provides free software updates, which contains the necessary technical specifications of all new cars both foreign and domestic automotive industry.

As an option, the system comes videoregistration IAC or SVR, to automatically recognize the number TC, fix the fact of inspection through photos and videos, keep track of the number of vehicles that will soon be mandatory for passage THAT.


3. Quality stands STM

All components - Russian production that provides excellent quality equipment and allows data stands departments of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and the traffic police. Customers to manufacture this equipment was Russian Ministry of Defense, is currently also used for a private car service.

Due to the unique patented design rollers are guaranteed 12 years without further treatment (other manufacturers rollers require periodic "welding on" every 1-2 years, which is performed only by qualified service staff, which in Ukraine and not worth 15-20% of the cost of the stand ). Strengthening the material stiffness rollers (done to increase their resource) realized cementation method - metal carbon saturation. The result of this process than in the result of the thermal hardening 3-4. Surface hardness of 55 HRC. Cementation increases service life of rollers 4 times. Spikes - solid roller. Are produced by radial axis milling roller base.

Due to the spiral-radial incisions thorns roller drum brake tester STM occurs when the vehicle self-centering measurements. It provides not only high accuracy, but also greatly increases the uptime of the brake tester.

No mutual wear spikes on the rollers and on the studded tires due to the rectangular shape of the studs on the roller and thus the lack of cohesion between them hard.

All components are covered with powder paint and a three-layer dip galvanized. Applied to the electrolytic method and provides 100% coverage of the surface, which is processed and makes it impossible to corrosion video.


STM stands combine civil and military quality of universality.


4. Annual verification

These brake stands STM series of NPF "META" listed in the State Register of measuring instruments in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, which allows for annual calibration with minimal cost in any department of the State Register.

The package includes a stand STM necessary adaptations for the annual verification - levers, weights, dynamometer frame silozadayuschee device. Through this annual inspection costs about 5 times cheaper compared with stands from other manufacturers, for whom these tools are available or for a fee, or you need every year for verification call center service representatives (for a fee) or take back booth in the State Register Desk Reference .

The company also "Zapadpribor" offers services for calibration of equipment, including brake stands and other devices for inspection, on favorable terms in the shortest possible time.


5. Opportunities stands

Bandwidth stands - up to 95 cars per shift. Such an amount is achieved through technical strength brake tester (not necessary preventive stop), by automating data transfer protocol META to a central computer and automatic data entry into the protocol.

Due to the great length of brake rollers (a total of about three meters) stands for universal series STM further than cars and trucks, you can diagnose large equipment: harvesters, tractors, mining equipment, tractors and others.

Provides a large margin of structural strength (50%), which allows for rapid inspection of the vehicle with a load (useful for ATP, MES, MO, other institutions and enterprises).

Operating temperature range (-30° C to +50° C) allows data brake stands in unheated rooms and open areas.


6. Installation, commissioning and staff training

The company "Zapadpribor" provides a full range of services for installation, commissioning works on the highest professional level. Also provides training to operate the equipment in the field or in the service center with the subsequent registration certificate.


7. Current, warranty and service

Thanks to the convenient placement of motors and sensors (on par with casters) maintenance requires minimal time and effort compared to many other stands where engines and constructively sensors placed under the rollers in the pit, and for the most minimal routine maintenance (eg, pour oil into the gear or bearing grease) stand must be fully removed by crane from the frame-lodgement.

Warranty, after-sales and service brake tester is made in the service center "Zapadpribor" in Lviv on the road or at the client. Also on the company's stock as an authorized dealer, always have the most necessary accessories and spare parts. This ensures minimum terms of repair and maintenance of this equipment.


As you are already familiar with all the features listed, then you definitely have a desire to buy a tester STM-18000. Contact our sales department to buy tester. We will gladly provide you with all the necessary consultations. Price tester STM-18000. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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While the need to clarify the overall weight and size or the size of the individual meter you can in our service center. If you need our engineers will help you choose the most complete analog or a suitable replacement for the device you are interested. All counterparts and replacement will be tested in one of our laboratories with the full compliance to your requirements.

In the technical documentation for each device or product, information is provided on the list and amount of precious metals content. The documentation gives the exact weight in grams of precious metals: Au gold, palladium Pd, platinum Pt, silver Ag, tantalum Ta and other platinum group metals (PGM) per unit item. These precious metals are found in nature in very limited quantities and therefore have such a high price. On our website you can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of devices and obtain information on the content of precious metals in devices and radio components manufactured in the USSR. We draw your attention to the fact that often the actual content of precious metals differs by 10-25% from the reference one in a smaller direction! The price of precious metals will depend on their value and mass in grams.

All text and graphic information on the site is informative. The color, shade, material, geometric dimensions, weight, content, delivery set and other parameters of the goods presented on the site may vary depending on the batch of production and year of manufacture. Check with the sales department for more information.

LLC «Zapadpribor» - a huge selection of measuring equipment for the best value and quality. So you can buy inexpensive devices, we monitor competitors' prices and are always ready to offer a lower price. We only sell quality products at the best prices. On our site you can buy cheaply as the latest innovations and proven equipment from the best manufacturers.

The site includes a special offer «buy at the best price» - if other Internet resources (bulletin board, forum or announcement of another online service) in products presented on our site, the lower price, we will sell it to you even cheaper! Buyers also additional discount for leaving a review or photo of use of our products.

In the price list contains not the whole range of products offered. Prices of goods, not included in the price list can learn to contact the manager. Also, our managers You can get detailed information about how cheap and profitable to buy instrumentation wholesale and retail. Telephone and e-mail for advice on the purchase , delivery or receipt are shown on the description of the goods. We have the most qualified staff, quality equipment and the best price.

LLC «Zapadpribor» - the official manufacturer's dealer test equipment. Our goal - selling high quality goods with best price offer and service to our customers. Our company can not only sell you the necessary instrument, but also offer additional services to its calibration, repair and installation. That you have a pleasant experience when shopping on our site, we have provided special gifts guaranteed to the most popular products.

Plant «META» - is the most reliable manufacturer of equipment for inspection. Brake stand STM produced on this plant.

Manufacturer TM «Infrakar» - a manufacturer of multifunction devices gas analyzer and smoke meter.

We also provide such metrological procedure: calibration, tare, graduated, testing of measuring instruments.

Upon request, each measuring device is provided metrological certification or verification. Our staff can represent your interests in such organizations as the metrological Rostest (Rosstandart), State Standard, Derzhspozhiv standard (Derzhspozhivstandart), TSLIT, OGMetr.

If you can make repairs to the device yourself, our engineers can provide you with a complete set of necessary technical documentation: circuit diagram TO, ER, FD, PS. We also have an extensive database of technical and metrological documents: technical specifications (TS), the terms of reference (TOR), GOST (DSTU), the industry standard (OST) test procedure, the method of certification, verification scheme for more than 3,500 types of measuring equipment from the manufacturer this equipment. From the site you can download all the necessary software (the software driver) is required for the product purchased.

Our company carries out repairs and maintenance of measuring equipment in more than 75 different factories of the former Soviet Union and CIS.

We also have a library of legal documents that are related to our field of activity: the law, code, ordinance, decree, temporary position.

LLC "Zapadpribor" is the supplier of ammeters, voltmeters, power meters, frequency meters, phase meters, shunts and other devices such manufacturers of measuring equipment, such as: PO " Elektrotochpribor " (M2044, M2051), Omsk, OAO "Instrument-Making Plant "Vibrator" (M1611, Ts1611), St. Petersburg, JSC "Krasnodar ZIP " (E365, E377, E378), LLC " ZIP Partner" (Ts301 , Ts302 , Ts300) and "ZIP" Yurimov"(M381, C33), Krasnodar, OAO "VZEP" ("Vitebsk factory of electrical appliances") (E8030, E8021), Vitebsk, OAO "Electropribor" (M42300, M42301, M42303, M42304, M42305, M42306), Cheboksary, JSC "Elektroizmeritel"  (Ts4342, Ts4352, Ts4353 ) Zhitomir, PJSC "Uman factory "Megger" (F4102, F4103, F4104, M4100), Uman.