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    Earthing transformer voltage ZNOLP-10 (ZNOLP10, ZNOLP 10 ZNOLP-10 U2)
    Earthing transformer voltage ZNOLP-10 is designed for use in electrical circuits AC 50Hz signal to transfer measurement data measurement devices, protection, automation, alarm and control.
    Transformers are made for the needs of the power industry, including nuclear power plants (NPP), and are designed for installation in complete switchgear, as well as for installation in wireways turbogenerators.
    Avoid prolonged operation of transformers, as power, that is, outside the guaranteed accuracy class, with a load does not exceed the capacity.
    Specifications This product is grounded voltage transformers ZNOLP-10:
    Voltage Class - 10kV;
    Maximum operating voltage of the device grounding transformer voltage ZNOLP-10 - 12kV;
    Rated voltage of the primary winding - (10 000 / ) V, (10500 / ) V, (11000 / ) V;
    Rated voltage of the main secondary product is grounded voltage transformer ZNOLP-10 - (1 00 / ) V or (110 / ) V;
    Rated voltage additional secondary winding - 100/3V or 100V or 110V or 110/3V;
    Accuracy classes of primary secondary - 0.2, 0.5, 1, 3;