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     Earthing transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 (ZNOL0627, ZNOL-06-27, ZNOL 06 27, ZNOL06-27, ZNOL06 27, ZNOL.06-27 U3)
     Earthing transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 is designed for use in electrical circuits, AC, 50 Hz in order to transmit a signal measurement data measurement devices, protection, automation, alarm and control.
    Transformers are made ​​for the needs of the power industry, including nuclear power plants (NPP), and are designed for installation in complete switchgear, as well as for installation in wireways turbogenerators.
    Avoid prolonged operation of transformers, as power, that is, outside the guaranteed accuracy class, with a load does not exceed the capacity.
    Specifications This product is grounded voltage transformers ZNOL.06-27:
    Voltage Class - 27kV;
    Maximum operating voltage of the device grounding transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 - 30 kV;
    Rated voltage of the primary winding - 275 00V;
    Rated voltage of the main secondary product is grounded voltage transformer ZNOL.06 U3-27 - 100V;
    Accuracy classes of primary secondary - 0.2, 0.5, 1;
    Rated power of main secondary winding device grounding transformer voltage ZNOL.06 U3-27 power factor active-inductive load 0.8:
    - In accuracy class 0.2 - 10V · A · A 15V, 20V · A;
    - In accuracy class 0.5 - 60V · A;
    - In class 1 - 120V · A;
    Rated power of additional secondary winding device grounding transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 power factor active-inductive load 0.8 in accuracy class 3 - 100 V · A;
    Power limit is the accuracy class - 600V · A;
    Maximum permissible continuous primary current - 0.04 A;
    Scheme and winding connection group product is grounded voltage transformer ZNOL.06-27 - 1/1/1-0-0;
    Rated frequency - 50 Hz;
    General view of the device shown in Figure 1;
Figure 1: General view of the product is grounded voltage transformer ZNOL.06-27

Общий вид прибора заземляемый трансформатор напряжения ЗНОЛ.06-27
Weight of the device grounding transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 - 60kg;
The transformers are manufactured in climatic design "Y" and are intended for indoor use in:
- Height above sea level is not more than 1000m;
- Ambient temperature with the heat the air inside the switchgear - from -45 ° C to +55 ° C;
- Relative humidity - 98% at 25 º C;
- Environment-explosive, without dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations destroying coating metals and insulation;
- Working position - any;
- Instruments earthquake resistant when exposed to earthquake intensity 8 points on the MSK-64 at the facility level above ground level up to 70m;
- Equipment grounding transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27 meet the requirements of immunity to electromagnetic interference to influence the magnetic field of industrial frequency;
- Devices conform to standards of industrial radio Class A, Group 1;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of product is grounded voltage transformer ZNOL.06-27 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos ZNOL.06-27

Earthing transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27.
Earthing transformer voltage ZNOL.06-27.