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    Charger ZD-6 (ZD6, ZD 6)
Charger ZD-6 - the product, providing reception and smooth change of the output voltage.
    The range of output voltage - from 180V to 250V.
    Maximum output voltage - less than 310B.
    Purpose - charging direct reading gauges dose type DCT-50A, DC-0, 2, ID-1, ID-0, 2.
    Dimensions - 105 × 37 × 122mm.
    - Charger - 0.5 kg;
    - A transport box - no more than 15kg.
    The composition of the product and the package includes:
    - Charger ZD-6;
    - Passport;
    - Box.
    ZD-6 devices have a design that provides its tightness and water tightness.
    Chargers ZD-6 consist of the following elements:
    - Trihedral (1) unscrewing the protective caps before charging the dosimeter;
    - The handle (2) to adjust the output voltage;
    - Charging-pin socket (3) to connect the dosimeter;
    - Spark (4) to limit the output voltage;
    - The transmitter (5) of the mechanical energy into electrical energy, which consists of four piezoelectric elements connected in parallel and a mechanical amplifier, consisting of a screw, wedge and lever mechanisms.
    Drawing device served in Figure 1.
ЗД-6 зарядное устройство чертеж

Figure 1. ZD-6 Charger drawing
Specifications ZD-6
Charger ZD-6 and provides a smooth change in output voltage at a temperature of from -50 ° C to +50 ° C and at a relative humidity of 98% at 35 ° C.
Device ZD-6 provides performance after exposure to extreme temperatures +65 ° C and -50 ° C.
    Chargers ZD-6 shall be at least 1000 cycles by turning the knob on the left extreme position to the right and back.
    ZD-6 devices are different, vibration, impact resistance, and durability in the fall and can be transported by any means of transport. Mean time between failures HT-6 is not less than 5000 hours.
    Operating conditions ZD-6
    When using the ZD-6 must adhere to the following guidelines:
    - Protect the charger from jolts, shocks and falls;
    - Transport chargers have them as much as possible in front of the body;
    - When working to protect the charger from pollution and harmful climatic effects (rain, snow, sunlight, etc.).
    After working with ZD-6 should be subjected to routine maintenance.

The retention rules ZD-6
ZD-6 device should be stored in warehouses in boxes (pack of 12. Each) in the heated rooms. The premises must be maintained at a temperature of 5 ° C to 35 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%, rapid changes in temperature are not allowed.
    Storing and carrying the charger is in the box.
    To protect the unit ZD-6 in storage away from excessive humidity are preserved. Conservation only be technically sound instruments. Conservation (reconservation) charger directly at the store or a special room with a relative humidity of 70% at
above 15 ° C.
    For long term storage (over six months) charger HT-6 is subjected to conservation by placing it in a sealed plastic bag of plastic film GOST 10354-73 thickness of 200 microseconds desiccant (silica gel) GOST 3056-54. The instrument wrap wrapping paper GOST 8273-75, invest in a package of plastic film. Inside the package to put a bag of silica gel weighing 50g weighted accuracy of ± 1 g. The moisture content in the silica gel prior to filling should not exceed 2%. In a prominent place to put the pH paper. Package brew with an open hand, the tightness of the packaging.
    Term preservation duration - 2 years.
    After one year of storage checks extent silica flooding: opened packages in 5% of the tested party packages and weighed bags. If the degree of silica flooding does not exceed 18%., The bags are put in packages and welded or rolled with brackets and twine, but if the flooding of silica gel to scan packages is 18% and above, the batch is subjected to re-conservation devices.
    For device ZD-6 reconservation set at the consumer can a seaming method, which requires the open side of the box to lay down and roll on one of the plates (3-4 turns), then press the second strip. The ends of the straps tie with string.
    Re-activation after long-term storage is made ​​by extracting the charger from a plastic bag, and verifying operation.

Transportation ZD-6
    Appliances, stacked in cardboard boxes stacked in the packaging box (12 pieces in each), which was previously lined with waterproof paper GOST 515-56. As a cushioning material used wood shavings Standard 5/44 16 or trimming of waxed paper.
    Depending on the type of packaging on the boxes surrounding the letter "M" and "K" denoting the "M" - the sea package, the "K" - packing with canned devices. When sending Unpreserved devices on a tare box of the letter "M" and "K" should be put.
    ZD-6 to be sent by sea, stacked in cages for packaging, made ​​from planks of GOST 8486-66, in other cases, cages for packaging can be made ​​of plywood with GOST 3916-69.
    When transporting ZD-6 by sea before placing them in the packaging box charger wrapped waxed paper GOST 9569-65 and placed in a plastic bag. Above the device contains a silica gel pouch then sealed plastic bag. Air is pumped out of the package. The device in a plastic bag and maintenance documentation placed in another plastic bag - in a cardboard box. Seams taped over a cardboard box adhesive tape glued label on the outside.
    Chargers ZD-6 is transported by all modes of transport in compliance with the requirements specified above. 

Photos: ZD-6

ZD-6 device image.
ZD-6 device image.
ZD-6 front view.
ZD-6 front view.
ZD-6 side view.
ZD-6 side view.
ZD-6 rear view.
ZD-6 rear view.
ZD-6 overhead view.
ZD-6 overhead view.