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   Noise generator Ya5Kh-269
    Also, this device can be called: Ya5Kh 269, Ya5Kh269.
    Ya5Kh-269 noise generator is intended for use as a calibrated noise signal source in the range from 3.2 GHz to 12.05 GHz.
    Noise generators consist of three main components: the power supply noise generator on a discharge lamp load agreed. Power supply is designed to supply voltage to the discharge lamp GSH. With the help of gas discharge lamp can be operated in two modes: a) continuous combustion mode, and b) the modulated mode.
    Noise generator Ya5Kh-269 consists of a discharge lamp and fittings, in which he is placed. Armature generator YA5H-strip line 269 contains a special form, between the strip and the housing is installed discharge lamp. Choice forms the central strip ensures consistency discharge lamp in a wide range of frequencies.

Specifications noise generator Ya5Kh-269:

    Operating frequency range - from 3.2 GHz to 12.05 GHz.
    Voltage standing wave ratio in the "cold" state - not more than 1.5.
    Voltage standing wave ratio in the "hot" state - not more than 1.5.
    Insertion loss in the "cold" state - no more than 1.0 dB.
    Excess losses in the "hot" state over losses in the "cold" state - not less than 20.0 dB.
    Value of power spectral density - 66 ± 8 units.
    Uncertainty in noise power spectral density - not more than ± 5%.

The current through the noise generators - from 150 mA to 155 mA.
    Accuracy of current noise generators - less than 1%.
    Power consumption at 150 mA current GS - no more than 150 · A.
    Time of continuous operation - 16 hours
    MTBF - not less than 15 000 h

    - Power supply - 260h398h133 mm;
    - Noise generator Ya5Kh-269 - 407h75h30 mm.
    - Power supply - 10 kg;
    - Noise generator - 2 kg.
    Operating conditions:

    The ambient air temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +25 ° C - up to 98%.
    Pressure - 450 mmHg. Art. to 780 mm Hg. Art.
    Mains voltage - 220 ± 22, 220 ± 11 V.
    Mains frequency - 50 ± 0,4 Hz or 400 ± 10 Hz.
    Ya5Kh-269 generator is operating in manual and remote control.

Photos: Ya5Kh-269

Ya5Kh-269 device image.
Ya5Kh-269 device image.
Ya5Kh-269 front view.
Ya5Kh-269 front view.
Ya5Kh-269 side view.
Ya5Kh-269 side view.
Ya5Kh-269 rear view.
Ya5Kh-269 rear view.
Ya5Kh-269 overhead view.
Ya5Kh-269 overhead view.