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Block of frequency conversion Ya4S-52

Also this device can be called: Ya4S52, Ya4S 52.


Ya4S-52 block of frequency conversion unit is a part of the spectrum analyzer S4-49.


Specifications Ya4S-52:


Intermediate frequency - 75±5 MHz.

Current tap unit - from 25 mcA to 100 mcA.

Dimensions - 490×135×475 mm.

Weight Ya4S-52 - not more than 18 kg.


Blocks Ya4S-52 are superheterodyne scheme for converting the test frequencies into an intermediate frequency signal. Analyzed signal through continuously variable attenuator with 50 Ohm coax enters the mixer made the diode, where it is mixed with the frequency of the first continuously tunable oscillator.

Mixer current controlled switch CURRENT TAP on the front panel of the unit conversion. The output of the mixer through a matching unit  with a frequency signal of 75±5 MHz is supplied to a bandpass filter.


Operating conditions Ya4S-52:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +40° C.

Relative humidity at 30±5° C - 95%.

Atmospheric pressure - from 61,34 kPa to 104 kPa (from 460 mm hg. to 780 mm hg.)

Mains voltage - 220±22 V.

Power supply frequency - 50±0,5 Hz.


The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of devices Ya4S-52 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: Ya4S-52

Ya4S-52 device image.
Ya4S-52 device image.
Ya4S-52 front view.
Ya4S-52 front view.
Ya4S-52 side view.
Ya4S-52 side view.
Ya4S-52 rear view.
Ya4S-52 rear view.
Ya4S-52 overhead view.
Ya4S-52 overhead view.
Ya4S-52 bottom view.
Ya4S-52 bottom view.

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