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Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72)

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    The frequency converter Ya3Ch-72  (Ya3Ch72; Ya3Ch 72; YaZCh-72; YaZCh72; YaZCh 72)
    The frequency converter Ya3Ch-72 - a product developed for the automatic conversion and frequency measurement of continuous sinusoidal signals. Devices Ya3Ch-72 are used in conjunction with a frequency counter elektronnoschetnym (ESCh) Ch3-54.
    Frequency range - from 0.3 GHz to 7.0 GHz.
    Input Power - 0.2 MW - 5mW.
    Input impedance - 50Om.
    Channel - 7/3, 04mm.
    Overall dimensions - 159 × 108 × 280mm.
    Weight (without packaging) - not more than 4 kg.
    Variable speed YaZCh-72 are used for setup, calibration, testing, verification and investigation of sources of microwave signals for testing and refinement of the frequency range of various kinds of microwave devices, communications systems and other electronic equipment microwave.
    Specifications Ya3Ch-72

    Frequency - YaZCh-72 device is divided into two sub-bands:
    - 1st subband - from 0.3 Hz to 1.0 GHz;
    - 2nd subband - from 1.0 Hz to 7.0 GHz.

    Margin at the edges of subbands at least 1%.
    The frequency converter Ya3Ch-72 provides its specifications after samoprogreva for 15 minutes.

    Variable speed Ya3Ch-72 uses the power from the power supply frequency elektronnoschetnogo Ch3-54 through the internal connector stable voltages:
    - +12 V ± 1% at current consumption of less than 215mA,
    - (-12V) ± 1% at current consumption of less than 315mA;
    - +5 V ± 1% at current consumption of less than 35mA.

    Ya3Ch-frequency converter allows continuous operation for 16 hours while maintaining their performance. Mean time between failures - not less than 1000 hours.
    Service life Ya3Ch-72 - at least 10 years, a technical resource - at least 10,000 hours.

    The frequency converter YaZCh-72 is designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - 5 ° C to 40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity - 95% (at 30 ° C);
    - Atmospheric pressure - 100 kPa.

Photos: Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72)

Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) converter image.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) converter image.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) front view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) front view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) side view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) side view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) rear view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) rear view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) side view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) side view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) overhead view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) overhead view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) bottom view.
Ya3Ch-72 (YaZCh-72) bottom view.