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Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43)

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The unit of frequency conversion Ya3Ch-43 (Ya3Ch43, Ya3Ch 43, YaZCh43, YaZCh 43; YaZCh-43)
Ya3Ch-43 converter - a device used to convert the frequency of sinusoidal signals with subsequent measurement of electron-counting frequency meter.
Measuring Range: 4 to 12GGts in the range of 1 to 51MGts.
The value of the input signal of 0.2 - 5mW.
Input impedance: 50Om.
The device is typically used in conjunction with the electron-counting frequency meter Ch3-38 (or Ch3-39). Dimensions converter Ya3Ch-43 are 159x108x290mm and weight - not more than 3 kg.

Main technical characteristics Ya3Ch-43

Converters YaZCh-43 have a relative error of measurement of frequency equal to the error of the crystal oscillator used a frequency counter, plus the error due to discrete frequency account. The devices are the frequency of the power supply through the internal connector stable voltages.
Operating conditions Ya3Ch-43
Converters Ya3Ch-43 are designed to operate at an ambient temperature of +10 º C and +45 º C. Relative humidity is not more than 98% at 35 º C. Barometric pressure for optimum operation of the instrument transformer YaZCh-43 should not exceed 750 ± 30 mm Hg
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument to the technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43)

Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) device image.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) device image.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) front view.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) front view.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) rear view.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) rear view.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) overhead view.
Ya3Ch-43 (YaZCh-43) overhead view.