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Я2Р-77 Generator unit Sweep YA2R-77.


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Block Generator Sweep YA2R-77 (YA2R77, YA2R 77, P77-H2, H2 P77)
Block Generator Sweep YA2R-77 is designed for use as a source of microwave signal in the panorama of measuring devices R2-105, R2-109, R2-115А and others.
The devices are designed to work in the laboratory and workshop conditions, as well as repair shops and verification bodies at an ambient temperature of 5 º C to 40 ° C, relative humidity up to 98% at 30 ° C can be stored at a temperature of -55 ° C to 50 ° C.
The instrument unit generator Sweep YA2R-77 has the ability to enable the CPC to work at the reception.Through the CPC can set the frequency sweep in the frequency range, power on and off ATS signal.
Technical characteristics of the devices power generator Sweep YA2R-77:
Supply voltage - 220 V ± 4,4 V;
Relative humidity - 65% ± 15%;
Ambient temperature - 293 K ± 5 K (20 º C ± 5 º C);
Frequency range of the generator unit block Sweep YA2R-77 - 2GHz-18GHz;
The maximum band sweep at least the working frequency range, the minimum band swing no more than 0.5 of the maximum-frequency operating range of frequencies;
Limits of acceptable error count and set the frequency - no more than ± 0,5% from the current frequency;
The instrument unit generator Sweep YA2R-77 provides the following modes of adjustment and set the frequency:
1) the periodic adjustment of the period of 0.08 seconds and 1c;
2) A one-time adjustment with a period of 10 seconds;
3) Manual (RPCH);
4) with a mosaic of the field;
5) hand-sweep;
Frequency instability in the mode (4) for a 15-minute interval after 15 minutes of tuning the frequency of the generator unit block Sweep YA2R-77 - 2,5 ∙ 10 -4;
The width of the spectrum in the mode (4) at minus 10 dB amplitude carrier signal frequency is less than 1 MHz;
ARM System accuracy with respect to the frequency response of external transducer signal error not exceeding ± 0,45 dB;
Sweep provides the following modes:
1) The continuous generation;
2) internal amplitude modulation frequency of 100kHz meander;
3) external frequency modulation signal frequency of 0.1 kHz to 250kHz;
The depth of the internal amplitude modulation of at least 15 dB;
Residual FM mode (4) at the output of the generator unit block Sweep YA2R-77 but more than 1 MHz;
The level of harmonics at the output of sweep no more than:
1) minus 25dB in the frequency range 0.01 GHz, 2 GHz and 8.15 14GGts-18 00GGts;
2) minus 36dB in the frequency range 2.0 GHz-8, 3 GHz;
Electrical isolation between circuits and AC power generator unit housing unit Sweep YA2R-77 can withstand without breakdown test voltage 1.5 kV, 50 Hz sine wave in normal conditions and 0.9 kV at high humidity;
The electrical resistance between the protective earth pin and the frame sweep - no more than 0.5 ohms;
The insulation resistance between circuits and AC power generator unit housing unit Sweep YA2R-77 at least:
1) in normal conditions 20 megohms;
2) at elevated ambient temperature of 5 megohms;
3) at high ambient humidity 1 M;
Voltage industrial interference generated by the device power generator Sweep YA2R-77, does not exceed:
- 80 dB at a frequency of 0.15 MHz to 1 MHz;
- 70 dB at frequency of 1 MHz to 5 MHz;
- 60 dB at a frequency of 5MHz to 30MHz;
Sweep provides its own characteristics at the end of time required to establish the mode of 15 minutes;
The instrument unit YA2R-77 generator Sweep allows continuous operation in the operating conditions during the time of at least 16 hours while maintaining their performance;
Note. Continuous operation time does not include the time required to establish the mode sweep;
The instrument unit generator Sweep YA2R-77 maintains its performance at its power from AC 220V ± 32V 50Hz;
The power consumed from the power sweep at rated voltage - does not exceed 160V ∙ A;
The level of microwave (MW) radiation given by the sweep - no more than 1 ∙ 10 -9 W / cm 2 at a distance of 1m from the sweep;
The instrument unit generator Sweep YA2R-77 provides the interface functions in accordance with Table 1;
Table 1 Interface function block generator unit Sweep YA2R-77
Marking function
Function name
Synchronization reception
The main receiver
Programming the frequency output signal;
Time to failure of the generator unit block Sweep YA2R-77 should be at least 6500 hours;
The average repair time of 10 hours;
The probability of the absence of hidden faults for not less than 0.9 Calibration interval of 18 months with an average ratio of 0.23;
Weight of one unit block generator Sweep YA2R-77 must not exceed 16kg;
Dimensions - 133x477x488 mm.