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Sweep generator unit JA2R-72/5 (JA2R72/5, JA2R 72/5, JA2-R72/5, JA2 R72/5)
Sweep generator unit JA2R-72/5 is designed to be embedded in devices Radiometers as a source of microwave signals.
Generating unit is an oscillator with a tunable YIG ferrite sphere.
The restructuring carried out by changing the frequency of ferromagnetic resonance, which is a linear function of the magnetic field in the gap of an electromagnet.
Technical characteristics of equipment components of the generator Sweep JA2R-72/5:
The band frequency tuning of generation - 2.0GHz-8.3GHz;
The noise level of the generator unit block Sweep JA2R-72/5:
- The phase offset at 10kHz - 80dB/Gts;
- The amplitude at 20MHz offset - 165dB/Gts;
The minimum power - 20 mW;
The uneven level of power unit power generator Sweep JA2R-72/5 - 6 dB;
The level of harmonics - 15dB;
Level negarmonik offset by 2 MHz-100 MHz - 60dB-90dB;
Accuracy of frequency setting device power generator Sweep JA2R-72/5:
- In the temperature range of -30 º C to +60 ° C - ± 35 MHz;
- In the temperature range from 0 º C to +60 ° C - ± 25 MHz;
Hysteresis - 15MGts;
Operating conditions of the generator unit block Sweep JA2R-72/5:
- Work - the temperature of -30 º C to +60 ° C;
- Storage - Temperature: -50 º C to +60 ° C;
Supply voltage - 15 V, +12 V,-5V;
Power consumption - 12 V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the unit block of generator-Sweep JA2R-72/5 - 45h39mm;
Weight - 0.35 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit block of the generator Sweep JA2R-72/5 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.