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VTM-6V TMV-6V transformer rotating.


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Transformer rotating VTM-6V (VTM6V, VTM-6-V, VTM 6 V, VTM 6V, VTM-6 V, VTM6-V, VTM6 V)
Transformers VTM-6V serve as the rotating components that convert the rotation of an element into an electrical signal whose amplitude is proportional to the sine of any angle, or cosine, or the very corner, the signal frequency equals the frequency of the mains.All rotary transformers are on the stator and the rotor on two distributed windings, the magnetic axes are arranged in space at an angle of 90 ° relative to each other. Nutrition rotating transformer VTM - 6V fed into the winding, located on the site, which has 20 slots.In large size rotating transformers such node is the rotor, and a transformer of small size - the stator.
For the convenience of plugging in the schemes, some rotary transformers are the conclusions of the middle points of the windings. These machines can be used in computing devices and systems for creating high-power synchronous communication in transformer mode.
All produced rotary transformers are designed for use in temperature over a wide range and significant mechanical loads.
Rotary transformer VTM-6V contactless embedded execution is designed to work as a sensor of angular position.
Product Specifications transformers VTM-6V rotating:
Ambient temperature of -60 ° C to +50 ° C;
Relative humidity up to 98% at 20 ° C;
Nominal excitation voltage of VTM-6V - 60V;
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage - 2000 Hz;
No-load current - 43mA;
The error display sine dependence - 1.00%;
Rotational speed - 3000ob/min.;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 96mm;
- Diameter - 54mm;
Weight VTM-6V - 0.35 kg; Lifetime - 8 years.