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VT-5 KF3.031.100

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Transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating (VT5, W 5, bt-5, VT5 KF3.031.100, W 5 KF3.031.100, VT-5 KFZ.031.100, bt5, bt 5)
Rotary transformers VT-5 suitable for use in electro-mechanical computing devices, servo systems, as well as the primary sensor to digital converters.
Depending on the scheme and the inclusion mode (function) devices rotating transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 divided into sine-cosine (Synchro), output voltage which is proportional to the sine (cosine) the angle of rotation of the rotor, and linear (LVT), the output voltage which varies linearly proportional to the angle of ± 60 °.
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating:
Operation - MW;
The frequency of the instrument transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating  - 500Hz;
The excitation voltage - 40V;
Input impedance transformer no-load unit VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating  - 2000 ohms;
Transformation ratio at idle - 0.53;
Rotation of the rotor - is limited;
Magnetic material instrument transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating  - 79NM;
Diameter seat - 50X 3;
The length of the instrument transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 rotating with the output shaft ends - 87.3 mm.
The instrument transformer VT-5 KF3.031.100 has a rotating accuracy class (A grade. T), B class of accuracy (B cells. T.) or 0 class accuracy (0 Cl. T).