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VT-3A LSH3.010.031

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Transformer VT-3A LSH3.010.031 rotating (VT3A, VT 3A, bt-3a, VT3A LSH3.010.031, VT 3A LSH3.010.031, VT-3A LSHZ.010.031, bt3a, bt 3a)
Transformer VT-3A LSH3.010.031 rotating a two-pole contact chetyrehobmotochnuyu car.
Operation - MW;
Technical characteristics of the instrument transformers VT-3A LSH3.010.031 rotating:
Input impedance-load - 15,000 ft;
Rated voltage transformer unit VT-3A LSH3.010.031 rotating - 200V;
Nominal frequency of the excitation voltage unit VT-3A LSH3.010.031 - 500Hz;
Operating frequency range of excitation voltage - 380Gts-510Gts;
Instrument Transformer Turns Ratio rotating VT-3A LSH3.010.031 - 0.366;
Shaft speed - 3ob/min, 15ob/min;
The change of ratio when the ambient temperature at 40 ° C - 0.03%;
Moment of static friction - 0.01 Nm;
Outside diameter - 45mm;
Weight of the device rotating transformer VT-3A LSH3.010.031 - 0.5 kg.