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    Troop chemical detection device (VPKhR)

     Troop chemical detection device (VPKhR) is used to determine the air, on the ground and on the technique of chemical agents - sarin, soman, mustard gas, phosgene, diphosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, and the V-gas vapor in the air.
     Chemical detection instrument consists of a body and placed it in the pump, the paper cassettes with detector tubes, smoke filters, attachments to the pump, protective caps, hot water bottles and cartridges for her flashlight. In addition, the set includes: spatula, instructions - Memo, by definition, sarin, soman, VX-gas emissions and instructions for operating the device. Carrying the unit with a shoulder strap braid.
    The instrument chemical reconnaissance troop weighs about 2.3 kg.
    Design VPKhR shown in Figure 1.
    Figure 1.
VPKhR military intelligence unit of chemical structure
VPKhR military chemical detection device: 1 - hand pump, 2 - head to the pump, 3 - protective caps, 4 - smoke filter, 5 - ammo warmers, 6 - flashlight, 7 - warmer, 8 - pin 9 - spatula, 10 - paper cassette detector tubes.
    Options VPKhR
    Chemical detection devices have a manual piston pump is used to pump air through the test tube indicator. At 50 swings per minute pump through the indicator tube are 1.8 - 2 liters of air itra.
    A pump which has VPHR device consists of a head, cylinder, piston, rod handle. It is placed in a metal tube mounted in the housing. Inside the tube there is a spring designed to push the pump when the latch is opened. VPKhR pump embedded in the pipe handle rod out. At the pump head has a knife to cut the ends of test tubes and card slot for the display tube. At the end of the head there are two blind holes for breaking off the ends of the tubes. Moreover, the head has a rubber valve and the valve seat. To ensure the tightness of the connection head with klapanovym device include rubber gaskets. At the pump cylinder VPHR pressed into the guide ring with 4 holes to exit the reverse pump inlet. At the pump rod placed in VPKhR appliances, wearing a rubber sleeve, the sleeve fixture.

    Devices chemical reconnaissance troop imeyutampulovskryvatel and core, located in the stock grip. Ampulovskryvatel serves to break up the vials, available in indicator tubes. Core fixes ampulovskryvatelya, three green bars display tube t The burden of green rings, red stripe with the point of the indicator tube with a red ring and the dot.
    VPKhR nozzle to the pump is designed to work with devices in the smoke, in determining the agents on the ground, arms, equipment and bulk materials. The nozzle body has four slots, and is connected to the funnel. In a nozzle body inserted a glass cylinder. Is threaded base funnel freely moving nut with a special reinforced her soft compression ring. For fixing the clamping ring is in position the latch. Sealing compound glass cylinder with a nozzle on the pump housing is achieved by two rubber gaskets.
    Also, the device has a chemical reconnaissance VPKhR smoke filter. They consist of a single layer of filtering material and multiple layers of nylon fabric. Filters are used to determine the toxic substances in the smoke or air containing acidic substances pair, and for determining from the soil or blocked silo.    
    Protective caps that have chemical reconnaissance unit of troop, to protect the inside of the funnel nozzle from contamination with toxic substances, are made of polyethylene and have holes for the passage of air.
    Flashlight that have VPKhR devices - used for night observation for color change indicator tubes. Consists of a body and a head element mounted in the spec. clip. Lantern on when the lamp head to the right. By turning the head to the left light is turned off.
    Apparatus for chemical detection army heating tubes in determining RH at low ambient temperatures (from -40 º C and +50 º C) are warmer. It consists of a housing and cartridges. Housing is a hot-water bottle plastic case with a screw-cap. Inside the case is set core. Outside the housing has two lugs, which are placed in the pin hole, fixed spring. The cartridge heaters, which have VPKhR apparatus consists of a metal liner, the ampules with the solution and a plastic cap. At the bottom of the sleeve poured magnesium powder, closed at the top seal of the filter paper. And a paper lined inner side surface of the cartridge. Between the vial and the inner surface of the end of the screw cap, which has a chemical detection device VPKhR, invested a swab of cotton wool and metal mesh. Plastic cap having a central hole closed at the unused film cartridge. In this hole a pin is introduced for breaking the ampoule with the solution at the moment of use cartridge.

    Chemical detection devices have VPKhR detector tubes are used for the determination of toxic substances and are sealed glass tubes, which are placed inside the filler and glass vials with reagents. On top of the indicator tube affixed conventional markings showing for detecting any OB is designed:
    - IT - 44 red ring and red dot - for the determination of organophosphorus RH (FOV) - sarin, soman, V-gas emissions;
    - IT - 45 three green rings - to determine phosgene, diphosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride;
    - IT - 36 one yellow ring - for the determination of sulfur mustard.
    Ten detector tubes (IT) VPHR with the same label are placed in the paper cassette. On the front side of the cassette has a colorimetric color standard, brief instructions on how to use the indicator tube, date of manufacture and the warranty expiration date.

    The principle of operation VPKhR
    When the indicator is pumped through the air tube, in the case of toxic substances, the color change occurs filling tubes, through which the concentration of the given substance.

    Storage VPKhR
    Chemical detection devices VPHR can be stored in unheated rooms in the packed state, as well as directly to razedyvatelnyh machines. Not allowed him about storage heaters because of possible damage indicator tubes.
    The instrument chemical reconnaissance VPKhR be stored at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C.

Photos ВПХР

VPKhR device image.
VPKhR device image.
VPKhR accessories and spare parts.
VPKhR accessories and spare parts.
VPKhR device image.
VPKhR device image.
VPKhR front view.
VPKhR front view.
VPKhR side view.
VPKhR side view.
VPKhR rear view.
VPKhR rear view.