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Voltmeter M2000

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    Voltmeter M2000 (M 2000, M-2000; m 2000; m 2000; m-2000)
    Voltmeter M2000 - panel meter-coil system designed to measure the voltage in DC circuits.

Measurement range - (0.1) V - 10 V, 0 - 1.4 V.
    Accuracy class - 2.
    Dimensions - 250×190 mm.
    Weight - 160g.

Devices commonly used for voltage measurements in laboratory devices physico-chemical analysis.
    Voltmeters M2000 constructively arranged in the body of a thermoset plastic. The moving part of the measuring equipment mounted on extensions.

Specifications M2000:

Settling time the device - 3 seconds. Ratio of the maximum permissible error of absolute basic model means and instrument voltmeter M2000 for each of the scale should be tested not more than 1:5.
    Operating conditions M2000

    Under the terms of mechanical stress during use voltmeters M2000 are common. Operating position of the unit voltmeter M2000 - Horizontal.
    Voltmeters M2000 designed for operation at temperatures from +10 ° C to +35 ° C. The relative humidity for optimum performance voltmeter M2000 should not be more than 80% (at +30 ° C).

Photos Вольтметр М2000

M2000 front view (scale).
M2000 front view (scale).
M2000 side view (installation depth).
M2000 side view (installation depth).
M2000 rear view (connection).
M2000 rear view (connection).

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