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VN-2V (BH-2B)

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Fan VN-2V (VN2V, VN 2V, BN 2-V, VN2 V)
Fan VN-2V (Ukraine, 2018y.m.) are used to cool the heated contact strips as well as to reduce the temperature inside the housing of electronic devices and other industrial equipment.
Cooling fan BH-2B
Technical specifications:
Power supply - 220V±22V, frequency 50Hz±1Hz;
Frequency of rotation at the static pressure equal to zero – at least 2200min-1;
Performance at the static pressure equal to zero and power supply 220V – at least 144m3/h;
Static pressure at the performance equal to zero and power supply 220V – at least 40 Pa;
Energy consumption with power supply 220V – not more than 18W;
Current consumption with power supply 220V – not more than 95mA;
Operating temperature range at the fan input - from -10ºС to +60°С;
Level of ambient noise – at least 55dB;
Mean time between failures (MTBF) – at least 25000h;
Dimensions– not more than 130х130х39,5mm;
Weight – not more than 0,53kg;
Complete set:
 a) cooling fan VN-2V – 1unit;
 b) manual - 1 copy;
Operation guidelines for a fan VN-2V:
A fan may be installed into the hardware where it can be placed in any position.
Rotation of propeller is counter-clockwise.
To meet the requirements for aerodynamic performance and noise level, a fan must be installed not closer than 30mm to the elements of structure which creates resistance to the airflow on the sound-absorbing bearing.
It is strictly FORBIDDEN to expose the fan to mechanical shock during the period of testing, interdepartmental transportation and assembly of this device.
Start-up and measurements must be carried out after unpacking of the fan and time limit of at least 6 hours at the temperature of 20°C ± 10°C and at a humidity of 45% to 80%. 
Safety regulations:
Before turning on the fan must be grounded so that the terminal is connected to the ground bus with the copper wire cross-section of 1mm2.

Maintenance of the fan VN-2V:
At least once in six months to carry out preventive maintenance of the fan which presupposes the following:
-   to remove dust from the casing and the rotor propeller;
-   to flush the bearings;
-   to lubricate the bearings.
To perform preventive maintenance it is necessary to dismantle the blind cover, the lock washer, and the washer, then to remove the rotor blades, the bearings and then to remove the sleeve and spring washer.
Use a dry brush or vacuum cleaner to clean the dust from the rotor with the propeller and the casing. It is acceptable to remove the dust from the rotor propeller and casing by blowing the compressed air free of oil vapors.
Bearings should be flushed in a kerosene bath.
After flushing bearings should be dried.
After drying bearings are lubricated with grease.
Assemble the fan VN-2V in the reverse order to disassemble.
Warranty by manufacturer
A manufacturerguarantees that the fan complies with technical specifications in the event a consumer adheres to the operation, transportation and storage regulations, as envisaged in technical specifications.
Warranty period for a fan in operation – 24months from the date of start-up.
Warranty period for shelf life in compliance with specifications hereinabove but at a temperature of 1° to 40°C - 6 months from the date of manufacturing.
Startup during the warranty period for shelf life terminates this warranty. If the device has not been put into operation before the expiry of the warranty period for shelf life, the moment of expiry of warranty for shelf life shall be considered to be the beginning of the warranty period for a fan in operation.
A record indicating a start-up shall be noted in Appendix 1 of present manual (a record about the input control shall be considered to be the date of start-up).

    Warranties will not be applied to unless there is a manual for the product either in case of non-compliance with operation, transportation and storage regulations or until the records indicating the start-up and any maintenance (as set in technical specification and this manual) will be noted in the manual.
Information about non-ferrous metals:
1.Casting aluminium AL2, group 4, class 1 – 190g - case;
2.Pure aluminium А8, group 1, class 1 – 15g - rotor;
3.Copper М1, group 2, class 1 – 51g - coil;
4.Copper МЗ, group 2, class 1 – 4g - shunt;

Photos: VN-2V (BH-2B)

VN-2V (BH-2B) fan image.
VN-2V (BH-2B) fan image.
VN-2V (BH-2B) front view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) front view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) side view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) side view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) rear view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) rear view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) overhead view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) overhead view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) bottom view.
VN-2V (BH-2B) bottom view.