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Fan VN-2 (VN2, VN 2)
Fans VN-2 (Ukraine, 2018y.m.) are designed for cooling heat-generating units and blocks of electronic equipment, management systems and CNC machines to reduce the temperature in various industrial instruments and control units.Does not create interference, compact, thanks to rolling bearings is reliable in operation.
Technical characteristics of the devices fans VN-2
The fan HV-2 is made of aluminum alloy.
Power is supplied from single phase AC 220V, 50Hz.
Manufacturer - Ukraine.
Power supply unit fan VN-2 - 220 ± 10V/15V.
The frequency of rotation of the impeller - 2200ob/min.
Capacity - 118M 3 / h.
Maximum current device fan VN-2 - 100 mA.
Maximum Power Consumption - 22W.
The connecting device dimensions fan VN-2 - 114h114mm.
Dimensions - 128h128h38mm.
Housing / blades - metal / plastic.
Weight of the device fan VN-2 - 0.55 kg;
a) Fan VN-2 - 1 pc;
b) Passport - 1 ekzemplyar;
Instructions for operation of the device fans VN-2
The fan may be installed in the apparatus, to which he belongs, in any position;
The rotation of the impeller - counter-clockwise;
To meet the requirements for aerodynamic performance and noise level fan installed no closer than 30mm to the structural elements that create resistance to air flow in the bearings of noise;
It is strictly forbidden to expose the fan mechanical shock during testing, interdepartmental transport and installation of products;
Commissioning and measurements are carried out after extraction fan and shutter speed of at least 6 hours at 20 º C ± 10 ° C and humidity of 45% to 80%;
Security measures:
Before turning on the fan must be grounded, which connects the terminal copper wire at least 1 mm 2 with a ground bus;
Maintenance unit ventilators VN-2
At least 1 time in half to be prevented fan, which includes the following:
-. Cleaning the dust shell and the rotor vane;
- Flushing of bearings;
- Lubrication of bearings;
To perform preventive maintenance is necessary, remove the cover, remove the lock washer, the washer, remove the rotor blades, remove the bearings, remove the nut and washer spring;
Dusting of the rotor with the impeller and the casing to produce a dry brush or vacuum cleaner. Permitted removal of dust from the rotor impeller and casing by blowing with compressed air, free of oil vapors;
Bearings to produce washing of the bath with oil;
After washing, drying to produce bearings;
After drying, the bearings are lubricated with grease. The assembly unit fan VN-2 production in the reverse disassembly;
Maintenance works to make a mark in Schedule 2 to this passport to check the fan to meet the requirements of Section 2;
Instrument manufacturer's warranty fans VN-2
The manufacturer guarantees that the fan requirements of this specification, subject to consumer environments, transportation and storage, established specifications;
The warranty period fan - 24 months from the date of commissioning;
Guaranteed shelf life fan in a package of conditions, but at a temperature of 1 ° to 40 ° C 6 months from the date of manufacture;
Enter the unit ventilators VN-2 into service during the warranty period of storage stops its course.If the device has not been put into operation before the expiry of warranty period of storage, the beginning of the warranty period is the time to expire Ia warranty period of storage;
Mark on putting into operation to produce products in Appendix 1 of this passport (stamped on the conduct of the input control is the date of commissioning);
Guarantees do not apply in the absence of a passport for a product, non-compliance with the conditions of operation, transportation, storage, and marks in the passport of the commissioning and maintenance of established specifications and present a passport;
For information about the content of non-ferrous metals in the unit ventilators VN-2
1. Aluminum Foundry AL2, Mr. Rupp 4, grade 1 - 190g - body;
2. Aluminium pure A8, Group 1, Class 1 - 15g - the rotor;
3.Copper M1, Group 2, Class 1 - 51g - coil;
4. Copper MH, Group 2, Class 1 - 4g - Shunt;
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