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BMK-205 (ВМК-205) Free-field microphone VMK-205.

BMK-205 (ВМК-205)

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Free-field microphone BMK-205 (VMK205, BMK 205, bmk205, bmk 205)
Microphone capsules BMK-205 are designed for precision measurements of sound pressure levels.
These microphones have a directional characteristic of the free field. It is designed in such a way as to measure the sound pressure in free acoustic field and to compensate for the presence of the microphone.
In the measurements, the axis of the free-field microphone should be directed to the sound source is at zero angle.
BMK-205 Microphone can be used as part of a sound level meters of the class.
Technical specifications of the products of the free field microphones BMK-205:
Sensitivity - 45mV/Pa;
The maximum measured SPL - 146dB;
Voltage is the product of the free field microphone BMK-205 - 200V;
Frequency response - 2 Hz-20000Hz;
Diameter - ½ ";
Thread to connect the preamplifier - 60 UNS-2B;
Feature articles focus microphone BMK-205 free-field - a free field.