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VK7-9 (BK7-9)

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Voltmeter VK7-9 (VC 7-9, VC-7-9; vk 7-9; vk 7-9; vk-7-9)

Voltmeter VK7-9 - combined portable device used to measure DC and AC voltages, as well as the DC resistance.

A Measurement Range VK7-9:

- DC voltage from-0.1V to 500V;
- AC voltage sine wave - from 0.3 V to 100 V (at a frequency of 20 Hz to 700 MHz), from 100V to 1000V (at a frequency of 20 Hz to 300 MHz);
- Ohmic resistance - from 10 Ohm to 1000Mom.
A reactance input resistance - at least 15MOm.
Overall dimensions VK7-9: 313 × 228 × 2150mm. Weight voltmeter - no more than 6.5 kg.


Specifications voltmeters VK7-9

The active input impedance:
- Not less than: 15MOm V dc;
- 800MO m when measured with a divider DN-1;
- 3MOm when measuring AC voltage at a frequency of 1000 Hz;
- 50k ohms measurements with the probe at a frequency of 100 MHz;
- 100k ohms when measured with a divider DV-2 at a frequency of 100MHz.
Input capacitance of the device voltmeter VK7-9 does not exceed:
- 20pF measured via the input terminals;
- 1.8 pF when measured with a probe;
- 4 pF when measured divisor DR-2.
Characteristic impedance of wye junction TP-2 - 75 ohms.
SWR tee transition TP-2 VSWR of the load is not more than 1.1 in the frequency range from 100 to 700 MHz up to 13.

Voltmeters BK7-9 have basic measurement uncertainty, expressed as a percentage of the working end of the scale values ​​do not exceed:
- When measuring DC voltage ± 2,5%; measured with a divider DN-1 ± 6%;
- When measuring AC voltage across the input terminals of ± 4% in the frequency range from 20Hz to 1MHz in the range of 1, 3, 10, 30, and 100V by using the correction factor in the frequency range of 20Hz - 2kHz in the range 300V and 1000V;
- AC measurement probe ± 4% in the frequency range 20GGts - 100 MHz, ± 6% in the frequency range 100-700MHz frequency correction using the multiplier;
- When measuring AC voltage divider probe with DN-2: ± 10% in the frequency range of 2 Hz to 20 kHz; ± 6% in the frequency range of 20 kHz-300 MHz frequency when using the correction factor.
Additional error-BK7 9 at temperatures ranging from +20 ° C to -30 ° C and +50 ° C to not more than half the basic instrument error for every 10 ° change in temperature.
Error due to supply voltage changes the frequency of 50 Hz from the nominal value of 110% of supply voltage or frequency of 400 Hz from the nominal value of 5% is less than half the basic error.
Additional error voltmeter VK7-9 due to the deviation of the measured voltage waveform from a sine wave, does not exceed the total harmonic distortion of the measured voltage.
Warm-up time VK7-9 15 minutes. MTBF of the device is 1000 hours.

Operating conditions VK7-9

Operating conditions for voltmeters VK7-9:
- Air temperature: from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
- 95% relative humidity at a temperature of +25 ° C;
- Power unit - AC 220 V, 50 Hz, 115V or 220V 400Hz frequency, harmonic content up to 5%.

Normal operating conditions voltmeters VK7-9 filed in Table 1.
Table 1.
The name of the influence factor
The value of the influence factor
Environment temperature
20 ° C
Air humidity
65% (at +20 ° C)
Atmospheric pressure
750 mmHg
Power supply voltage

Photos: VK7-9 (BK7-9)

VK7-9 (BK7-9) device image.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) device image.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) side view.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) side view.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) rear view.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) rear view.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) overhead view.
VK7-9 (BK7-9) overhead view.