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Made in: 2018


Hygrometer VIT-3 (VIT3, VIT 3)
Hygrometer Psychrometric VIT-3 is designed to measure the relative humidity and temperature in the warehouse, the material room, silk, greenhouses, poultry farms.

Metrological checking is included in the device.
Hygrometers VIT-3 is a device consisting of two identical thermometers, "dry" and "wet", which is mounted on the bar graph plates.
Bar graph made ​​of polystyrene plates and mounted in a plastic housing. Bar graph between the plates is a glass tank, designed to power the wick "wet" thermometer.
As thermometric liquid is used toluene (mercury).
Thermometric liquid is red shades.
Sticker on the case hygrometer psychrometric table, designed for the speed of air flow (speed of aspiration) of 0.5 to 1 m / s.
Specifications hygrometer psychrometric VIT-3
Relative humidity range of 27% to 93%
Temperature range of measurement of humidity of 25 ° C to 42 ° C
Temperature measurement range, "dry" thermometer from 30 ° C to 42 ° C
Temperature measurement range, "wet" thermometer from 25 ° C to 37 ° C
Scale value 0,2 ° C
Overall dimensions, mm, not more 325h115h46
Absolute error hygrometers should not exceed ± 0,2 ° C.
Verification or Calibration hygrometer VIT 3.
GOST 8.279-78 "GSI thermometers liquid glass workers. Verification procedure. "
Used for calibration of thermometers laboratory type TL-4 or TLC certified as standard third digit.
Regulatory Documents
GOST 28498-90. "Liquid glass thermometers. General requirements. Test methods. "
TU 3 Ukraine 14307481.001-92 "Hygrometer Psychrometric VIT. Specifications ".
Hygrometers psychrometric VIT-3 correspond to the requirements of TU 3 14307481.001-92 Ukraine.

Photos: VIT-3

VIT-3 device image.
VIT-3 device image.
VIT-3 device image.
VIT-3 device image.