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Vibrotest-MG4.01 Measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01.


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Measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 (VIBROTEST-MG-4.01, VIBROTEST MG 4.01, VIBROTESTMG4.01)
Measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 designed to monitor and record the amplitude and frequency sinusoidal vibroustanovok used to seal concrete mixtures in the production of concrete products, as well as to measure the vibration of other objects.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges, vibration parameters VIBROTEST MG4.01:
Measurement range of frequencies - 2 Hz, 1000 Hz;
Amplitude measurement range - 0.01 mm-20 mm;
Measuring range of the instrument vibration meter vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 - 3.3 mm/s-9000mm/s;
Measuring range vivrouskoreniya - 2m / s 2-170m / s 2;
Basic relative error of measurement of amplitude, velocity and acceleration - no more than ± 5,0%;
The main relative error of the instrument measuring the frequency of the vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01:
- In the range of 2 Hz-100 Hz - 0.2 Hz;
- In the range of 100Hz-1000Hz - 1Hz;
Memory capacity measurements instrument measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 - 500;
Communication with computer-- RS-232;
Power supply measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 - from batteries, "Emery» (6F22) voltage 6V-9V;
Current consumption - no more than 12mA;
Dimensions of the device measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01:
- Block E - 175h90h30mm;
- Vibrator - diameter 24h50mm;
Weight of the device measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 - no more than 0.35 kg;
The device provides performance measurement in real time, with automatic latching measurements in non-volatile memory;
Fixing vibrator on the test object - magnetic (via magnetic platform) or screw (screw M5 × 7 mm);
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument measuring vibration parameters VIBROTEST-MG4.01 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.