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VD-70 Eddy current flaw WD-70.


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Eddy current flaw VD-70 (VD70, VD 70)
Eddy current flaw VD-70 is designed to control the production of ferrous and non-magnetic metals and alloys for surface defects such as cracks, assess their depth and location.
Technical characteristics of the devices eddy current flaw VD-70:
The sensitivity threshold:
- Depth - 0.3 mm ± 0,02 mm;
- Width - 0.05 mm-0, 1 mm;
The error estimation of the depth of the defect unit eddy current flaw VD-70 - ± (0,1 +0,3 x) mm;
Excitation converter - controlled manually;
The range of the gain control unit eddy current flaw VD-70 - 1 unit-255ed;
Step gain control - 1 unit;
Operating frequency eddy current flaw device VD-70 - 10kHz-250kHz;
Frequency step - 1kHz;
Mode signal analysis instrument eddy current flaw VD-70 - AC or DC;
Scan speed signal analysis, the variable component - from 50mm / s to 150mm / s;
Scan speed unit eddy current flaw VD-70 in the analysis mode signal DC - no more than 50 mm / s;
Automatic defect signaling - audible and visual;
The size of the working part of the instrument screen eddy current flaw VD-70 - 71h53mm;
Operating temperature range - from -10 º C to +50 º C;
The fixture flaw VD-70 eddy - Rechargeable 6V;
Power - AC power 220V, 50Hz;
Time of continuous operation eddy current flaw VD-70 - at least 8 hours;
Housing protection - IP63;
Dimensions of the unit eddy current flaw VD-70 - no more 195h145h55mm;
Weight - not more than 2.5 kg;
Features of the device eddy current flaw VD-70:
- Small size;
- Battery backup;
- A wide range of transducers;
- Indication of defect depth in millimeters;
- Storing up to 1000 images of defects;
- Storing up to 300 software instrument settings eddy current flaw VD-70;
- Control of coarse and rough surfaces;
- Durable aluminum housing, heavy duty;
- A color display with a high resolution (320 × 240 pixels);
- USB port for connection to a komp'yuteru;
The apparatus eddy current flaw VD-70:
- Electronic control unit;
- Eddy current transducer PN-6-TD-C-001;
- Eddy current transducer *;
- Cable connection (PC / electronics);
- Rechargeable battery (built-in;
- Charger AMU-4L;
- A set of samples KSOP-70;
- software
Vehicle Operation Manual
- Cover for electronics;
- Headphones; **
- Carrying case;
* - Optionally the device eddy current flaw VD-70 of the accompanying range of ECP;
** - Available at extra cost to the customer's request;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument eddy current flaw VD-70 to the technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.