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Voltamperephasemeter VAF-85M (VAF 85M, VAF-85M, VAF-85 M, VAF85-M, VAF-85-M, VAF 85 M)

For the measurement of rms power and AC voltage sine wave, the phase angle relative to the three-phase voltage system 110V nominal values; 220; 380 during commissioning and testing of relay protection circuits and electrical power circuits.
    Voltage: 0.2 V-1B, 1B-5V, 5V-25V, 25V, 125V, 50V, 250V, 100V-500V.
Current (with a break chains): 2mA, 10mA, 10mA, 50mA, 50mA, 200mA.
Amperage (without chain scission) 0.2 A-1A-5A 1A, 2A-10A.
The phase angle, φ °: 180-0-180.
Permissible basic error,%: ± 4; ± 1,5.
VAF-85M designed to measure the rms power and AC voltage sine wave, the phase angle relative to the three-phase voltage system nominal values ​​110B, 220, 380 for set-up and verification of relay protection circuits and electrical power circuits.
Rated climatic conditions of application of the device:
ambient temperature from -10 ° C to +40 ° C;
the upper value of relative humidity 90% at 30 ° C;
atmospheric pressure of 630-800 mm. Hg. Art. (84-106.7 kPa).
The value of the measurement ranges of accuracy and limits of permissible values ​​of the basic error of the instrument under normal conditions of use (Table 2) shall be as shown in Table. 1. The basic values, complementary error and variations readings (γ) are expressed as a percentage in the form of reduced errors by the formula:
γ = Δ · 100/Xn (1)
where Δ - an absolute error, which is expressed in units of the measured value;
Xn - normalizing value, expressed in the same units as the absolute error. Normalizing values ​​when setting errors are assumed to be: the final value of the measuring range of power and voltage of the arithmetic sum of the final values ​​of the measurement range (not including their sign) phase angle.
Warm-up time unit - immediately after switching on. Response time the device is less than 4 seconds. The duration of continuous operation 16 hours with a break to re-enable 1 hour
The insulation between the casing and insulated from the housing of DC electric circuits of the VAF-85M and tick boxes in standard conditions (Table 2) stands for 1 min. test voltage of the AC sine wave frequency (50 ± 1) Hz 2 kV rms.
Overall dimensions 260h160h180 mm. Unit weight of 3.5 kg. The limits of permissible values ​​of additional errors in the unit interval, then the working conditions affecting the application of appropriate tab. 3. Limit of acceptable error of the instrument in the working conditions of application of γ p is defined as the sum of the limits of acceptable basic instrument error γ 0 and additional errors from the effects: the frequency of the measured force and voltage γ f, γ to the shape of the curve, the temperature of γ t, the external magnetic field γ m, n γ position of the instrument, ie
γ 0 = γ p + γ f + γ to + γ t + γ m + γ (n) (2)  

The total weight of precious materials in the device: Gold - 0,002 g of silver -3.1, the total mass of non-ferrous metals contained in the design of the device:

aluminum and aluminum alloys - 50 grams (nameplate dial);
Copper and copper alloys - 60 g (in sleeves, rods, fasteners);
nickel and nickel alloys - 290 g (transformers).
Table 1.


Measurement range

Accuracy class

The limit of acceptable basic error,%

The voltage drop, mV, not Bol

Current in consumption, mA, max

0.2 B-1B
± 4
Current (with
chain), mA
± 4
50mA, 200mA
open circuit), A
0.2 A-1A
± 4

The phase angle, φ °

± 1,5

Table 2.

Influence quantity

The normal value

Horizontal ± 2 °
Ambient temperature, ° C
20 ± 5
Relative humidity,%
Barometric pressure, mm Hg (kPa)

630-800 (84-106.7)

Frequency, Hz
50 ± 0,5
The shape of the current or voltage

Sinusoidal with harmonics ratio less than 2%

Voltage measurement of the phase angle, B
(110, 220, 380) ± 2%
The orientation of the device relative to the magnetic field of the Earth
The external magnetic field

geomagnetic field

Ferromagnetic shield
Table 3.

Influence quantity

Interval influence quantity

Limit of permissible additional error,%

Ambient temperature, ° C

-10 To +40

For every 10 ° C change in temperature, a change: the current and voltage of ± 4, the shear angle - ± 1,5

Relative humidity,%

From 80 to 90 at 30 ° C.

When changes: the current and voltage of ± 4, the shear angle to ± 1,5

Frequency measuring current and voltage

45-55 Hz
± 4

The deviation from the normal position of 10 ° in any direction

± 1,5

The curve shape of the AC voltage and

The normal value by a factor of harmonics does not exceed 5%

± 5

External uniform magnetic field

Constant with the induction of 0.5 mT

± 1,5

Constant with the induction of 0.5 mT at 50 Hz

± 4

Ferromagnetic shield

Thickness (2 ± 0,5) mm

± 0,75
The same device

Accommodation close to this is at a distance of 1 m

± 0,75

Voltage measurement of the phase angle

The normal value ± 10%

± 1,5

Window magnetic tick boxes

Moving the center conductor from the hermetic windows within it

± 1,0

Repeated imposition of tick attachment on conductive

5000 Overlays

In measurements: current without breaking - ± 4 phase angle - ± 1,5

Photos VAF-85M

VAF-85M device image.
VAF-85M device image.
VAF-85M accessories and spare parts.
VAF-85M accessories and spare parts.
VAF-85M front view.
VAF-85M front view.
VAF-85M side view.
VAF-85M side view.
VAF-85M overhead view.
VAF-85M overhead view.
VAF-85M bottom view.
VAF-85M bottom view.