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VA440 (BA440)

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    Voltammeter VA440
    Also, this device can be called: VA 440, VA-440, ba440, ba 440, ba-440.

    VA440 voltammeter is designed to measure current and voltage in DC circuits.

    Voltammeter has the following structure: a cylindrical metal casing, which is colored in black or gray color, it is set magnetoelectric mechanism that drives the arrow voltammetry VA440 constant when the current or voltage in an electrical network equipment, where it is installed.
    Mechanism closed at the top dial, inscribed with a special paint in two rows of scales with numbers - on the top row of numbers from 0 to 30, which show the voltage, the bottom row of numbers from 0 to 300 in one direction and from 0 to 100 in the other - They show the current value.

    Technical characteristics of the devices Volt-ammeters VA440:

    Ranges - 100 A - 0 A - 300 A, 0 V to 30 V.
    Scale value - 20 A 2 B.
    The method of inclusion - with shunt SHA-440; direct.

The basic error in all of the scale:
    - During operation of the voltmeter - ± 2%;
    - When working ammeter - ± 2 ± (y - permissible deviation from the nominal resistance value).
    Limit of allowable additional error VA440 for every 10 ° C change in the temperature range from -50 ° C to +50 ° C - ± 0,7%.

Response time - 3.
    Mass voltammetry - 0.4 kg.
    Dimensions - 60h93 5 mm.

    Operating conditions:

    The ambient air temperature - from -50 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Vibration acceleration - up to 20 m/s2.
    Vibration frequency - 40 Hz to 50 Hz.
    Execution voltammetry VA440 - ordinary and tropical.

Photos: VA440 (BA440)

VA440 (BA440) front view.
VA440 (BA440) front view.