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VA140 (ba140)

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Voltammeter VA140 (VA-140, VA 140, ba-140, ba140, ba 140)
Voltammeter VA140 is designed to measure current and voltage in DC.

Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter VA140:

Devices operate at an acceleration up to 20m/s2 vibration at a frequency of vibration of 40Hz-50Hz, at temperatures ranging from -50 º C to +50 ° C.
On the instrument ordinary and tropical;
Ranges VA140 - 0A-10A-30A, 0V-30V;
Scale value - 2A, 2B;
The method of inclusion - the shunt SHA-140, direct;
The basic error in all of the scale:
- Working voltmeter - ± 2%;
- Working ammeter - ± 2 ± (y - permissible deviation from the nominal value of the resistance);
Limit the permissible additional error VA140 for every 10 ° C change in the temperature range of -50 º C to +50 º C - ± 0,7%;
Response time - 3 s;
Weight VA140 - 0.4 kg;
Dimensions - 60x93,5mm.

Photos: VA140 (ba140)

VA140 (ba140) voltammeter image.
VA140 (ba140) voltammeter image.
VA140 (ba140) front view.
VA140 (ba140) front view.
VA140 (ba140) side view.
VA140 (ba140) side view.
VA140 (ba140) rear view.
VA140 (ba140) rear view.
VA140 (ba140) side view.
VA140 (ba140) side view.

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