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Frequency V80 (V 80, V-80)
Frequency V80 is designed for frequency measurement in AC circuits with a nominal frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 36V, 100V, 127V or 220V.
Dimensions - 60h60h70mm.
Accuracy class - 1.0.
Technical characteristics of the devices B80 frequency counters:
Type of device
Accuracy class of devices V80 frequency
Measurement range, Hz
Power consumption, W
Overall dimensions of device frequency V80 mm
Weight, kg
3.5 W
0.2 kg

Photos V80

V80 (B80) front view (scale).
V80 (B80) front view (scale).
V80 (B80) side view (casing depth).
V80 (B80) side view (casing depth).
V80 (B80) rear view (connection).
V80 (B80) rear view (connection).