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V8-8 Voltmeter V8-8 universal


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Voltmeter V8-8 universal (V88, V-8-8, V 8 8, b8-8, V-88, V 88, b88, b-8-8, b 8 8, b-88, b 88)
Voltmeter V8-8 is designed for universal instability measuring DC voltage and DC voltage.
Can be used in radio and electrical measuring techniques, as well as in other areas for measuring the DC voltage instability and any non-electrical quantities converted into a DC voltage.
V8-8 has a digital readout of the measured voltage and the DC voltage instability. Registration is required voltage instability on the external recorder.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V8-8 universal:
Range measuring DC voltage - 0.1 V, 1000V (1B, 10B, 1000B);
The basic error of the voltage measurement - ± [0,25 +0,5 (U n / U to -1)]%;
Input impedance V8-8 - 10 MW ± 1% (1000B); ≥ 10 MW (1B, 10B), 1 MW ± 1% (100V);
Measuring Range DC voltage instability:
- 1% (1B-1000V with a resolution of 0.0005%);
- 10% (0.1-1000V with a resolution of 0.005%);
The basic error of the measurement voltage instability - ± (0,003 H x 0.005 N n)%
where H x - measured value of instability, H n - limit measured instability;
Measurement error voltage instability external recorder - no more than ± [0,005 +0,01 γ with (U n / U x)]%;
where γ c - reduced measurement error recorder; U n - limit the voltage measurement chart recorder mV; U's - the voltage corresponding to the measured volatility, registered a recorder mV;
The drift of the readings B8-8:
- 0.005% in 1 hour (10B-1000B);
- 0.01% for 8 hours (10B-1000B);
- 0.05% 1 hour (1C);
Power consumption - 20 V ∙ A;
Meals V8-8 - 220V, 50 Hz or 400 Hz;
Dimensions - 236h93h325mm;
Weight V8-8 - 4kg.