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V7-43 (B7-43)

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    Voltmeter V7-43 (V743, B7 43, V 7-43, V 7 43, V-7-43; v7-43; v743; v7 43; v 7-43; v 7 43; v-7-43)
    Voltmeter V7-43 - a device used to determine the DC voltage and rms AC any configuration subsonic frequency range.

    Frequency range - 0.01 Hz - 20 Hz.
    - DC voltage 0.01 mV - 1kV
    - AC voltage (peak value) of 1 mV - 1 kV.

    Input impedance - 1M; 10MOm.
    Input capacitance - 80pF.
    Power consumption - 80W.
    Dimensions - 480 × 475 × 80mm.
    Weight - 12kg.
    Voltmeter V7-43 performed multipoint data collection, analyze your results with the help of logical and mathematical operations. The device B7-43 can operate in both the laboratory and in the field. Usually it is used in the process of learning a special form of signal parameters, configure and test the automatic control systems.
    Specifications V7-43

    Voltmeter V7-43 is programmed for the delay measurements, the interval between measurements, and the number of measurements per pulse start:
    - Delay measurement 0 - 0.9999999 sec (in increments of 0.1 ms);
    - The interval between measurements from 0.0002 - 0.9999999 sec (in increments of 0.1 ms);
    - The number of measurements 0 - 9999 (in increments of 1).

    Partial self-diagnosis function in the instrument V7-43 provides quick performance check of the basic functional units c display the result on a digital display for easy troubleshooting in production and repair.

    Voltmeter V7-43 for voltage measurements can tolerate such errors:
    - When measuring DC voltage - ± (0,1-0, 15B);
    - When measuring AC voltage - ± 0,5 V.

    Voltmeter V7-43 has the speed for output:
    - Packed code - 5000izm / s;
    - The standard code - 2000izm / s.

Photos: V7-43 (B7-43)

V7-43 (B7-43) voltmeter image.
V7-43 (B7-43) voltmeter image.
V7-43 (B7-43) front view.
V7-43 (B7-43) front view.
V7-43 (B7-43) side view.
V7-43 (B7-43) side view.
V7-43 (B7-43) rear view.
V7-43 (B7-43) rear view.
V7-43 (B7-43) overhead view.
V7-43 (B7-43) overhead view.
V7-43 (B7-43) bottom view.
V7-43 (B7-43) bottom view.