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Voltmeter universal V7-23 (V7 23, V723, b723, b7 23, b7-23)

Voltmeter universal V7-23 is designed to measure the DC voltage of up to 1000V 10mkV subband 0.1 V 1V, 10V, 100V, 1000V and DC resistance of 0.01 ohms to 0.1 10MOm the subband k, 1k, 10k, 100 k: 1M; 10MOm.
Complete with exchangeable unit type YA1V-13 voltmeter measures the DC voltage from 12V to 1mkV, and with a block type YA1V-14 - the ratio of two DC voltages in the range of 10 -6 to 3March 10 with input voltages on the input x U from 10 mV to 300 V, Input U y - from 100mV to 120V.
Voltmeter universal V7-23 remote start and have access to tsifropechatayuschee device.
Output accuracy (in percentages) are given by:
Voltage measurement ± (0,02 + 0,02 Uc / U);
resistance measurement up to 1 MW - ± (0,03 + 0,03 Rc / R); excess of 1M-± (0,1 + 0,05 Rc / R);
Voltage measurement complete with power-type YA1V 13 - ± (0,03 + 0,03 Uc / U); measurement relations (| δ X | + | δ U |) S x + 0,0001 S P, where | δ X | Y and δ - the relative error of measurement voltages on the inputs U x and U y; S S - yield measurements of the ratio; S's - reading device.
The input resistance of the voltmeter on the subbands 100V and 1000V - 10MOm, the subband-0.1V; 1B and 10B - 1000MOm.
Input impedance of the block-type YA1V 13 - 10MOm.
Overall dimensions voltmeter universal V7-23 498h135h475 mm, weight 20 kg block YA1V-13 - 160h104h438 mm, weight 3.5 kg block YA1V-14 - 160h104h438 mm, weight 5 kg.

Photos: V7-23

V7-23 voltmeter image.
V7-23 voltmeter image.
V7-23 front view.
V7-23 front view.
V7-23 side view.
V7-23 side view.
V7-23 rear view.
V7-23 rear view.