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V7-21 (b7-21)

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Voltmeter V7-21 universal (V721, V-7-21, V 7 21, V7-21, V-721, b721, b-7-21, b July 21, b-721, b 721)
Voltmeter V7-21 universal designed to measure the voltage and DC voltage and AC current.
The device provides the ability to remotely control and display information about the measurement result.
Voltmeter V7-21 universal has an output to an external device tsifropechatayuschee.
Information given in BCD 8-4-2-1 in the form of voltage levels.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V7-21 universal:
DC - 1mkV-1kW;
Current DC - 10pA-10A;
AC voltage instrument voltmeter V7-21 universal - 10mkV-1kW;
AC current - 1mkA-1A;
Frequency of measured voltage AC - 20Hz-100kHz;
The frequency of measuring the strength of the AC - 20Hz-20kHz;
The active resistance of the instrument voltmeter V7-21 universal - 0.01 ohm-12 MW;
Power supply - 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
Power requirements - 14V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the instrument voltmeter V7-21 universal - 290h200h142mm;
Weight - 5.5 kg.

Photos: V7-21 (b7-21)

V7-21 (b7-21) voltmeter image.
V7-21 (b7-21) voltmeter image.
V7-21 (b7-21) front view.
V7-21 (b7-21) front view.
V7-21 (b7-21) side view.
V7-21 (b7-21) side view.
V7-21 (b7-21) rear view.
V7-21 (b7-21) rear view.
V7-21 (b7-21) overhead view.
V7-21 (b7-21) overhead view.
V7-21 (b7-21) bottom view.
V7-21 (b7-21) bottom view.

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