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V7-16 (b7-16) Voltmeter V7-16 Universal.

V7-16 (b7-16)

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Voltmeter V7-16 universal (V716, V-7-16,  V7-16, V-716, V 716, b716, b-7-16, b-716, b 716)
Voltmeter V7-16 universal designed to measure DC and AC current, resistance and temperature regulatory, repair and adjustment work in various fields of electronics and appliances for testing the lower class.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V7-16 universal:
Measuring range
- AC voltage - 0.1 mV-1000V, 20Hz-100kHz, PG ± (0,2-1,6)%;
- DC - 100mkV-1000V, ± (0,05-0,1)%;
- DC resistance - 0.1 ohms, 10 MW, ± (0,2-0,3)%;
Dimensions - 348h128h360mm;
Unit weight voltmeter V7-16 universal - no more than 7kg.