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Millivoltmeter V3-43 (V343, V-3-43, V 3 43, b3-43, V-343, V 343, b343, b-3-43, b 3 43, b-343, b 343)

Millivoltmeter V3-43 is designed to measure the alternating voltage of 3mV 3V at frequencies from 10 kHz to 1 GHz and an external measuring voltage divider from 3V to 300V in the frequency range 100kHz to 300MHz in laboratory and plant conditions. Instruments' scales in the effective values ​​of sinusoidal voltage and in decibels.
Technical characteristics of the devices Millivoltmeter V3-43:
The range of measured voltages of up to 300V 3mV overlapping ranges with upper limits of 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V and 3V voltage divider 1:100 from 3V to 300V;
Frequency range of the measured voltages from 10 kHz to 1000 MHz inclusive divided into six work areas:
- I region - from 45kGts to 30MHz inc.;
- II region - from 10kHz to 45kGts;
- III region - more than 30MHz to 100MHz inc.;
- IV area - more than 100MHz to 300MHz inc.;
- V region - more than 300 MHz to 600 MHz incl.;
- VI area - more than 600 MHz to 1000 MHz incl.;
100kHz frequency calibration;
The working conditions of the device B3-43 are:
- Ambient temperature from 283K to 308K (from +10 º C to +35 ° C);
- Atmospheric pressure is 86kPa-106kPa (
- Relative humidity 65% ± 15% at a temperature of 298K (25 ° C);
- The lack of strong electromagnetic fields;
- Power supply 220V ± 22V, 50 Hz ± 0,5 Hz, harmonic content up to 5.0%;
The basic error of B3-43 at a frequency of calibration, expressed as a percentage of the upper limit of the sub-band readings does not exceed:
- ± 4,0% for sub-bands from 30mV to 3V;
- ± 6,0% for sub-band 10mV;
- ± 6,0% when measuring voltages above 3V to 300V with an external voltage divider;
Instrument error B3-43 (reading changes with respect to the frequency of calibration readings) in the operating frequency ranges, expressed as a percentage of the upper limit set sub-band readings do not exceed the values ​​listed in Table. 1;
Table 1: Errors of the device in the working frequency ranges
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mesons measurement
Operating frequency range
Error (relative to measurement readings readings at a frequency of calibration)
Without an external divider 10mV
± 6,0%
± 10,0%
(± 10,0%)
± 10,0%
(± 10,0%)
± 10,0%
(± 10,0%)
± 15,0%
(± 15,0%)
± 25,0%
(± 25,0%)
Without an external divider from 30mV to 3V
± 4,0%
± 6,0%
(± 6,0%)
± 6,0%
(± 6,0%)
On the external divider from 3V to 300V
± 6,0%
± 10,0%
(± 10,0%)
± 20,0%
(± 20,0%)

The device has the indicator outputs DC and AC currents;
Change readings caused by changes in ambient temperature for every 10 ° C from the normal to any temperature within the operating temperature range does not exceed the permissible basic error.
Changes display V3-43, due to changes in supply voltage from the nominal value by ± 10% does not exceed half of the permissible basic error, with zero offset and sensitivity are not allowed;
Changing the readings by the presence of a constant component in the measurement circuit, the permissible value of 150V which does not exceed the permissible basic error V3-43;
Change mV readings caused by the deviation of the measured voltage waveform from the sinusoidal harmonic component at greater than 0.5% to 10% does not exceed 10% of the upper limit of the sub-band evidence;
The variation of the readings should not exceed ± 1,0%;
Changes display V3-43 to 10 mV sub-band does not exceed:
a) the index of the class because of the drift;
b) half of the class due to fluctuations in the index;
c) a half index class because the voltage from the nominal value ± 5%;
The active input impedance at a voltage higher than 1V, and not less than:
- As measured by probe 80 ohms at a frequency of 20MHz, 30 ohms at a frequency of 100MHz;
- As measured by the voltage divider 100 at the frequency of 20MHz ohms, 50 ohms at a frequency of 100MHz;
The active input impedance at the frequency of 100 kHz to sub-band 10mV at least 20 ohms;
Input capacitance V3-43 does not exceed:
a) when measured with a probe of 1.5 pF;
b) when measured with a voltage divider 3.5 pF;
Response time is less than the unit 4c, the maximum deviation of the index not exceeding the upper limit of sub-band readings when the input voltage of 0.7 upper limit value of sub-band;
Standing wave ratio (VSWR) TEE transitions, with a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms and 75 ohms at frequencies up to 1000 MHz does not exceed 1.2;
V3-43 meets its specifications within the standards set specifications, after the time samoprogreva for 15 min.;
The power consumed by the device from the network, at the rated voltage does not exceed 45V ∙ A;
Millivoltmeter allows continuous operation for 8 hours while maintaining their technical specifications within the standards set specifications. In this case, provided the normal modes of the RFP, parts and components within the norms, standards and specifications for them.
Mean time between failures is at least 3250ch.;
Dimensions - 302X295X206mm;
Weight V3-43 - no more than 10kg.

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