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Millivoltmeter V3-38B (V3 38B, V338B)

    Designed to measure the rms AC voltage sine wave to convert rms AC voltage sine wave into a proportional DC voltage.
Measuring range 100mkV - 300V
The basic error of ± 2,5%

Millivoltmeter V3-38B is designed to measure the rms AC voltage sine wave to convert rms AC voltage sine wave into a proportional DC voltage.
Instrument scale Millivoltmeter V3-38B is scaled in RMS values ​​of a sinusoidal voltage and decibels. 0 dB is equal to 0.775 V.
The operating conditions of use of the instrument Millivoltmeter V3-38B: ambient temperature between 5 and 40 ° C, relative humidity up to 80% at 25 ° C, atmospheric pressure 84 to 106 kPa (630 to 795 mm Hg. Centuries). the power supply voltage (220 ± 22) V (50 ± 0,2) Hz
Technical data
Measurement range of the instrument voltages from 300V to 100mkV overlapping ranges with upper limits of 1 mV, 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V and 300V.
The device measures the voltage in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 5 MHz.
The range of frequencies of the device has a working range of frequencies:
I from 45 Hz to 1 MHz incl.;
II from 20 to 45 Hz excl.;
III St.. 1 to 3 MHz incl.;
IV St.. 3 to 5 MHz incl.; Calibration frequency of 1 kHz.
Maximum permissible error of the instrument, expressed as a percentage of t upper limit established by sub-band measurements is ± 2,5%.
Maximum permissible error of the instrument Millivoltmeter V3-38B in the working areas of the frequency, expressed as a percentage of the upper limit    set sub-band, and the limit of acceptable change    readings within the operating frequency ranges with respect to the frequency of calibration readings in percent, equal to the values ​​specified in the table. 1.
Table 1
The limits of permissible errors (beyond the assumed changes of reading),%
Operating frequency range
1 mV-300mV
± 2,5
± 4,0 (± 4,0)
± 4,0 (± 4,0)
± 6,0 (± 6,0)
± 6,0 (± 6,0)

Millivoltmeter V3-38B have access to a broadband amplifier with a voltage (100 ± 20) mV (when you reject a pointer to the final mark of the scale).
Millivoltmeter V3-38B have the converter output, which corresponds to the output voltage Vout value calculated by the formula
Vout = U 0 · U / U to, (1)
where U to - voltage equal to the final value of the scale on the mouth of the updating sub-band to B; U - the actual value of the input (measured) voltage in V;
U 0 - nominal output voltage of 1 V.
The output voltage at full deviation pointer is (1000 ± 25) mV.
Limits of error voltage conversion equal to the values ​​listed above.
The output impedance of the transmitter is (1000 ± 100) ohms.
Change readings caused by changes in the temperature of the surrounding air tours from normal to any temperature within the operating temperature range does not exceed half of the maximum permissible basic error for every 10 ° C change in temperature.
The limit of additional error in the shape of the deviation of the measured voltage from the sinusoidal (coefficient of harmonics up to 20%) is equal to half the value of the harmonic content, expressed as a percentage.
The deviation of the index from scratch, due to the intrinsic noise does not exceed 5% of the upper limit established by sub-band measurements with closed-circuit in progress.
Millivoltmeter V3-38B retains its specifications within the rules if its input DC voltage of 250 V. Response time the device is less than 4 seconds.
Millivoltmeter V3-38B retains the basic error handling five times after exposure to stress, but not more than 600 V.
Active impedance device, measured at a frequency of 45 Hz, less than 4 Mohms subbands upper limits 1mV-300mV and at least 5 megohms at subbands upper limits 1B 300B.
Input capacitance of the device no more than 25 pF on ranges with upper limits of 1 mV-300mV and a maximum of 15 pF ranges with upper limits 1B-300V.
The capacity of each of the connecting cable is not more than 80 pF.
Warm-up time 15 min.
Millivoltmeter V3-38B retain their characteristics when feeding them from the AC voltage (220 ± 22) V (50 ± 0,2) Hz.
The power consumed by the network at the rated voltage does not exceed 5.5 VA. Millivoltmeter V3-38B allows for continuous operation in the operating conditions for 8 hours a day. MTBF of at least 15,000 hours average life of 15 years .
Average recovery time less than 2 hours
Overall dimensions not more than 155x209x278 mm dimensions shipping container no more 546h546h416 mm.
Unit weight is not more than 3 kg mass transport container unit with not more than 25 kg.

Photos: V3-38B

V3-38B millivoltmeter image.
V3-38B millivoltmeter image.
V3-38B front view.
V3-38B front view.
V3-38B side view.
V3-38B side view.
V3-38B rear view.
V3-38B rear view.
V3-38B overhead view.
V3-38B overhead view.
V3-38B bottom view.
V3-38B bottom view.