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    Millivoltmeter V3-15 (V3 15, V315, B 3-15, B 3 -15, B-3-15, OT-15, OT 15, VZ15, VZ-15, E W -15, B-W-15 ; b3-15; b3 15; b315; b 3-15; b 3 -15; b-3-15)

    Millivoltmeter V3-15 - a device used to measure the RMS value of the AC voltage sine wave to convert the RMS value of the AC voltage sine wave into a proportional DC voltage.

    Measuring range - 0 - 5V.
    Power - AC 220V ± 22V, 50Hz.
    Specifications V3-15

    Millivoltmeter V3-15 under the influence of various factors can prevent these errors in the measurements:
    - When the ambient air temperature deviation from the normal to any temperature within the operating temperature range limit of permissible basic error does not exceed half of the maximum permissible basic error for every 10 ° C change temperature4
    - In the shape of the deviation of the measured voltage of the sine wave (THD less than 20%) margin of error is equal to one-third of the harmonic ratio, expressed as a percentage.

    Millivoltmeter V3-15 retains its specifications within the rules if its input DC voltage up to 250V.
    Millivoltmeter V3-15 allows continuous operation under the operating conditions for 8 hours per day. After 8 hours of continuous use the break to restart must be at least 3 hours.
    For V3-15 MTBF of 15,000 hours. Average life V3-15 - at least 15 years of age. Average recovery time B3-15 mV to 2 hour.
    Operating conditions V3-15

    Millivoltmeters V3-15 are designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature from 5 ° C to 40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity up to 80% at 25 ° C;
    - Pressure from 84kPa to 106kPa (from 630mm Hg to 795 mm Hg);
    - Mains voltage of 220V ± 22V, 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz. 

Photos: V3-15

V3-15 voltmeter image.
V3-15 voltmeter image.