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V1500 (B1500)

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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


    Device showing V1500
    Also, this device may be called: V-1500, V 1500.

    Device showing in 1500 - a device designed to operate in complete tachometer with digital readout K1800, which is used to measure rotational speed and determine the direction of rotation of the shaft of a gas turbine power plant. The device consists of a measuring instrument magnetoelectric system V1500 / E and additional device P1820 / P converting the frequency generated by the primary tachometric voltage converter to DC current which is proportional to the speed.
    Housing extension device splash-proof, has Terminal blocks for connection. Placed on the body of plug connectors for the primary tach converter, meters and mains. In the center of the sight glass located corrector zero position of the pointer.

    Specifications V1500

    Input impedance additional devices - at least 10K.
    Full-scale deflection current meter 1 ± 0,1 mA.
    Voltage - 127V, 50Hz, 220V, frequency of 400Hz.
    V1500 power consumption - no more than 6.5 V · A.

    Measuring ranges of devices and instruments showing V1500 corresponding frequencies generated tachometer G111 are shown in the table.
Temperature ranges, rev / min
The frequencies generated tachometer
0-150 rev / min 0-1500 rev / min;
0-15000 rev / min
0-200 r / min 0-400 rev / min 0-2000 rev / min 0-4000 rev / min 0-20000 rev / min;
0-40000 rev / min
1333.3 Hz
0-250 r / min 0-2500 rev / min;
0-25000 rev / min
0-300 rev / min 0-3000 rev / min;
0-30000 rev / min
    Settling Time pointer meter - no more than 4 seconds.
    Insulation resistance of each of the electrical circuits and extension meter device with respect to the shell shall not be less than:
    - 50MOm at a relative humidity of 80% and a temperature of 25 ± 10 ° C;
    - 1M at ambient relative humidity of 100% and a temperature of 50 ° C.
    Double amplitude oscillations pointer meter at a steady speed does not exceed 1.5% of full scale value.
    Maximum permissible error of the instrument corresponds to ± 1,5% of full scale value.

    Change readings showing V1500 can be caused by:
    - Changing the position of the device in any direction from the normal position of 45 ° (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 1%);
    - Changes in supply voltage from minus 15% to plus 10% (the amount of change readings does not exceed half of the maximum permissible basic error);
    - Ambient air temperature deviation from normal (+20 ± 5 ° C) to any temperature within the operating temperature (the amount of change reading V1500 - no more than half of permissible basic error for every 10 ° C change in temperature);
    - The influence of the external magnetic field (changing readings does not exceed 0.66 of the maximum permissible basic error).

    Variation of the meter does not exceed the permissible basic error.

    Operating conditions of devices V1500

    Ambient temperature from 0 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative to 100% humidity at 50 ° C.
    Dimensions meter V1500 / And - 100x100x145 mm.
    Dimensions of additional devices P1820 / P - 152x110x95 mm.
    Mass meter V1500 / G - 1.5 kg.
    Weight additional device P1820 / P - 1.8 kg.

Photos: V1500 (B1500)

V1500 (B1500) device image.
V1500 (B1500) device image.
V1500 (B1500) front view (scale).
V1500 (B1500) front view (scale).
V1500 (B1500) side view (casing depth).
V1500 (B1500) side view (casing depth).
V1500 (B1500) rear view (connection).
V1500 (B1500) rear view (connection).
V1500/I in the panel dimensions and dimensional drawing meter.
V1500/I in the panel dimensions and dimensional drawing meter.
R1820/P outline drawing additional devices.
R1820/P outline drawing additional devices.