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V1-19 (B1-19)

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    Installation for checking voltmeters V1-19 (V1-19; V-1-19, V 1 19; v1-19; v 1-19; v-19 1; B1-19)

    Installation for testing voltmeters V1-19 (B1-19) - samopoveryaemy dvuhpredelny odnodekadny calibrated voltage source with ultralinear characteristic used for testing the basic limits of voltmeters, analog-to-digital converters, voltage dividers, as well as to extend the range of model measures the voltage.
    Frequency range - 20Hz - 100kHz.
    Output voltage range AC - 100mkV - 100V, 1000V (with power amplification YA1V-22).
    Allowable load current device - no more than 10A to 5A (1 mV, 10 mV and 100 mV), (Un / Uc) 10A-2A (1B, 10B and 100B).
    Power Consumption - 200W, 1000W (with power amplification YA1V-22).
    Operating position - horizontal.
    Dining - from two opposite-polarity chemical sources with voltage from 8.5V to 15V (battery or batteries).
    The maximum current consumption of each source - less than 30mA.
    Weight - 3kg.
    Overall dimensions - 232 × 80 × 322mm.

    Specifications V1-19 (B1-19)
    The insulation resistance between the output terminals V1-19 (B1-19), external power supply terminals and the housing unit under normal conditions, can withstand a test voltage of 500V.
    Facilities for inspection voltmeters V1-19 (B1-19) has two sub-band speed of output voltage:
    - From 0V to 1V (stage setting 1B);
    - From 0V to 10V (0.1V step installation).
    The unit B1-19 provides the ability to install a sub-band voltage from 0 to the nonlinearity do10V 0.00008%, and in sub-band from 0 to 1V - the nonlinearity 5mkV.    
    Authorities provide a range of tuning voltage regulation is not less than ± 0,003% and precision better than 0.3 mV, a range of regulatory bodies adjust the reference voltage is not less than 0.008%.
    For the V1-19 (B1-19) Warm-up time is 1:00. Continuous working time in working conditions - at least 48 hours, including operating mode setting unit.

Photos: V1-19 (B1-19)

V1-19 (B1-19) installation image.
V1-19 (B1-19) installation image.
V1-19 (B1-19) front view.
V1-19 (B1-19) front view.
V1-19 (B1-19) side view.
V1-19 (B1-19) side view.
V1-19 (B1-19) rear view.
V1-19 (B1-19) rear view.
V1-19 (B1-19) overhead view.
V1-19 (B1-19) overhead view.