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Device UVS-10 + 10% of the cost as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...) UVS-10

Device UVS-10 + 10% of the cost as a GIFT (devices for technical inspection, breathalyzer, dosimeters ...)

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
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    Duration of action and the number of devices is limited.

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Load measuring device UVS-10 - a product designed to convert an applied force of gravity in the mass of the weighing, and can be used as a retrofit kit for load product, vesodoziruyuschih systems, as well as exemplary means for verification during manufacture and operation of small portable car pokolesnogo weighing scales for middle-class accuracy.


Also this device can be called: UVS 10; UVS10; yvs-10; yvs 10; yvs10.


    Maximum capacity - 10t.
    Weighing time - not more than 10s.
    Power supply - AC mains 220V, 50Hz.
    Power consumption - less than 20W.

    Overall dimensions:
    - Strain gauge sensor - Ø120mm × 80mm;
    - Measuring Unit - 270 × 210 × 100mm.
    - Strain gauge sensor - no more than 4 kg;
    - The measuring unit - no more than 1kg.

    UVS-10 device is available in two versions that differ Operating conditions and the values of the weighing capacity (IVC) size.
    Device UVS-10 type 1 consists of a measuring sensor and a strain gauge and is intended for use as a reference means in the production and operation of load appliances middle class accuracy.
    DPS apparatus 10 consists of two execution unit and the measurement of several (up to 16) tenzorezistornyh sensors and is designed for use as a load cell platform scale element type dispensers etc.
    Structural features of UVS-10
    Strain gauge sensor (Figure 1) UVS-10 is composed of an elastic element in steel with strain gauges glued to it and the flange. The internal cavity of the sensor is sealed.
    The force is applied to the sensor through the flange, included in the package.
UVS-10 load measuring device exterior sensor.

    1 - Gas Spring, 2 - Connection cable to the control panel, 3 - Flange
    Fig. 1. Appearance, strain gauge sensor device UVS-10
    Measuring unit (Figure 2) UVS-10 is in a metal case. On the front panel are placed liquid crystal display and controls: button TARE / ESC, KOR.0/NEXT button, the button INPUT / ENTER.
    On the back panel connector, strain gauge sensor, a connector for connecting to a PC, a connector for the power supply cable, power switch and fuse (Fig. 3).
UVS-10 load measuring device appearance.

    1 - light 2 - button ENTER / ENTER; 3 - button KOR.0/NEXT, 4 - button TARE / ESC
    Fig. 2. Exterior front measuring unit
    Specifications UVS-10

    Main technical characteristics of UVS-10 shown in Tables 1 and 2.
Table 1
Symbol of devices Operating Temperature Range Number of scale intervals Lower weight limit LEL Verification scale interval and discrete reference f = d
DPS-10-1 20 ° C ± 5 ° C 5000n 40kg 10000kg 2kg

for DVT

-30 ° C - +40 ° C
for the weighing instrument
+10 O C - +40 o C
2000n 100kg 10000kg 5kg
Table 2
Marking Devices Limits of error The sensitivity threshold

Acceptable limit

Weighing intervals At the initial verification In service

Lower weight limit of up to 500e incl.

St. 500e do2000e incl.
St 2000s

± 2 kg

± 2 kg
± 4 kg

± 2 kg

± 4 kg
± 6 kg
2.8 kg ± 0,5 kg

Lower weight limit of up to 500e

St. 500e do2000e

± 5 kg

± 5 kg

± 5 kg

± 10 kg
7kg ± 1,25 kg

    Limit torque is 25%.

    Operating conditions UVS-10

    UVS-10 devices are designed to operate under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -30 ° C to +50 ° C;
    - Atmospheric pressure - from 75.6 kPa to 106.7 kPa;
    - Relative humidity - 98% at 25 ° C.