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UT-82 Thickness UT-82 ultrasonic.


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Thickness UT-82 ultrasound (UT82, UT 82)
Thickness UT-82 is designed for ultrasonic thickness measurement products echo-pulse method.
Features of the device thickness UT-82 Ultrasound:
- Measurement of the thickness of products from a variety of materials (metals, ceramics, plastics, etc.) with one-way access to the object of measurement;
- Measurement of the velocity of propagation of ultrasound;
- LCD display with large digits;
- The ability to work with different types of transducers;
- Memory for 2036 measurements, followed by display of the results in the display thickness gauge or computer;
- The measurement of 0.01 cm (automatic speed change the measurement resolution for large thicknesses of 0.1 cm);
- Stores the last measurement readings on the digital display;
- Automatic tuning out of your settings protector probes;
- Indication of the presence of acoustic contact ultrasonic probe and the controlled product;
- You can have lower otbrakovochnogo level;
- Automatic shutdown after 4 minutes after the last measurement;
- The device can be equipped with a high-temperature probes to monitor objects with surface temperatures up to 300 ° C;
- Calibration of the speed of propagation of longitudinal ultrasonic vibrations in controlled facilities from 1000 m / s to 9999m / s with one-way access.
Technical characteristics of the devices Thickness UT-82 ultrasonic:
Operating frequency - 10 MHz, 5 MHz or 2.5 MHz;
Permissible surface roughness - 40 microns;
The range of measured thickness on the (steel) - 0.8 mm-300 mm;
Measurement error of the instrument ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-82:
- In the range of 0.8 mm-5mm - ± 0,05 mm;
- In the range of 5 mm-300 mm - ± (0,01 +0,01 x) mm, where x - measured value;
Setting range of ultrasonic velocity - 1000m/s-9999m/s;
Speed ​​setting resolution ultrasound device thickness UT-82 Ultrasonic - 1 m / s;
Operating temperature range - from -20 º C to +50 º C;
Electrical power to the unit ultrasonic thickness gauge UT-82 - Rechargeable 9V;
Continuous operation - no less than 200 hours;
Weight - not more than 0.3 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device thickness UT-82 ultrasonic technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.